5 Casual Dining Design Trends Worth Replicating

While restaurants saw sales plummet during the height of the pandemic, Americans proved how much they were looking forward to dining out again once vaccination rates rose and positive COVID cases started to fall. By July 2021, OpenTable reported that reservations had returned to normal after plunging by two-thirds during the pandemic.


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Is Acrylic Recyclable? – What to Know

Acrylic is a favored material throughout many industries for its incredible durability, high transparency, and ease of maintenance. An anti-glare, scratch-resistant alternative to glass, acrylic also proves to have a smaller environmental impact – it requires less energy to produce, weighs less during transportation and can be re-used more often. However, when trying to determine if acrylic is recyclable, the answer is a little more complicated.

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Keeping Your Team Safe During the Holiday Season

How Plexiglass Table Dividers Protect Employees & Customers

With the holiday season in full swing, stores are busier and more crowded than ever. While more people are out shopping in stores this year compared to 2020, the pandemic remains an ongoing challenge as new variants arise leaving already struggling retailers to hire seasonal employees willing to work in congested public settings. According to the New York Times, “The emergence of the new variant was the latest hurdle for retailers who have been anticipating a holiday shopping season that is sure to be much more physically present than 2020, but not as carefree as it was prepandemic.” With the masses craving the traditional holiday shopping experience with a new set of safety concerns, it leaves retailers everywhere to elevate their store plans to allay concerns and increase consumer shopping comfort by implementing some essential plexiglass display must-haves!

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Why Plexiglass Dividers are Here to Stay

Over the course of the last two years, how our world operates has completely transformed due to the outbreak of an international pandemic. From shopping and eating out to schools and office environments, we all have had to take severe precautions when it comes to safety in numbers and adjusting to a new normal. Living through a pandemic, though not easy, did teach us valuable lessons on just how important it is to be clean – good hygiene and be aware of our personal space so we do not infringe our germs on those who surround us. For public businesses and other institutions to continue, it is imperative that owners restructure their spaces to make everyone involved feel safe—which is exactly why plexiglass dividers are here to stay.

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The Future of Classrooms After the Pandemic

The first day of school is a rite of passage experienced across generations, bringing to mind memories shared of backpacks loosely fitting on narrow shoulders, painful new shoes that need breaking in, a friend made on that first day, the bell and announcements, and the fear of starting out into the wide, wide world all on one’s own.

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7 Places to Use Sneeze Guards in Your Office

As employees return to the office, health and safety have become a top priority, specifically when it comes to colds and viruses. Unfortunately, if you’ve ever worked in an office, you know they have their fair share of germ zones—doorknobs, water cooler buttons, the coffee maker handle; it’s a list that seems to have grown longer with a pandemic. The good news is, alongside upgraded sanitization practices, office sneeze guards are a great way to minimize the spread of germs and viruses.

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How to Clean and Care for Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Whether you are an office, a retail store, a school, a restaurant, or any other public-facing business, you’ve likely installed some sort of acrylic sneeze guard in the past year. And while you know they are valuable to both employees and customers, you also know they require cleaning to stay shiny and new.


Unfortunately, when it comes to cleaning acrylic sneeze guards, many people are doing it wrong. Why? ost of us are used to cleaning glass surfaces, but the methods and products we use to do so will ruin acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces in a hurry.


To help keep your sneeze guards looking and performing like new, we’ve broken down the five things you need to clean them properly.
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Restaurant Guidelines for Reopening – Using Sneeze Guards to Ensure a Safe Return

With many restaurants beginning the reopening process, it is important to remember the safety protocols the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put into place. It is critical to follow these protocols if you want to keep your customers and employees safe. The transition back to in-person dining can seem daunting, but if you follow all of the guidelines and implement social distancing barriers such as restaurant sneeze guards and informative signage, the transition will likely be easier than you think.


Keep reading to uncover some quick tips for deciding where to install restaurant sneeze guards and signage within your restaurant. Our recommendations will provide you with sensible solutions for protecting both your employees and patrons.

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