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Office Sneeze Guards & Desk Shields

When you don't have the space to maintain social distance in your office or common work area, protective barriers can provide physical separation. Our broad assortment of sneeze guards, desk shields, and barriers are the perfect solution to protect your office. These clear polycarbonate plexiglass panels are great for use in meeting and reception rooms, cafeterias, check-out counters and office spaces to protect staff and visitors. The protective screen can be used as a portable divider to maintain social distancing as needed, or permanently affixed to a desk, counter, table top, or more.

Manufactured in our United States facility using high-quality materials, our clear barriers are well made and offer excellent visibility. Choose from a variety of clear sneeze shields and acrylic dividers and .if our many in-stock clear barrier shields don't meet your office requirements, contact us for alternate material, size or design options. We offer quick turn-around time for small and large quantities.

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How do you create a desk sneeze guard?

A desk sneeze guard is a great way to protect yourself and your employees from splashes and sprays or provide privacy dividers between desks in an open office. ShopPOPdisplays carries a large selection of barriers and sneeze guards as well as DIY components to build your desk sneeze guards. To get started, measure your desktop to determine the sneeze guard size.

You can build custom desk sneeze guards using our precut acrylic sheets and connectors. The 3-panel sneeze guard is a popular configuration that will require one main panel, two side panels, and six L-shape connectors. If you are making a sneeze guard for an irregular shape desk, use our living hinge connectors that are flexible and contour to different angles. Finally, use our T-shape gripper connectors to mount the sneeze guard to your desktop.

What is the best material for an office sneeze guard?

Clear acrylic plastic is the best material for an office sneeze guard. Acrylic plastic offers a beautiful glass-like look at half the weight and increased durability. Polycarbonate plastic is another good choice that is similar to acrylic plastic but provides additional toughness and flame resistance which is required by some building codes and use cases.

Why should I install acrylic sneeze guards and plexiglass shields in my organization?

Any type of plexiglass barrier for office settings can help your workers feel more confident and secure knowing they are surrounded by a protective shield that helps prevent the transmission of germs and viruses by ensuring adequate social distancing happens even in settings where your employees must sit near each other. Our acrylic barriers and sneeze guards can be fabricated and adapted to your facilities needs, whether your organization is large or small.

How to choose a plexiglass shield for office use?

To keep yourself and your employees safe from splashes and sprays or to provide privacy dividers between desks in an open office setting, you need acrylic sneeze guards and plexiglass dividers for office cubicles. ShopPOPdisplays manufactures and sells a wide range of sneeze shields and clear acrylic dividers. The following mini guide will help you decide which types of acrylic dividers you need for office use.

  • Clear desk shield – Whether for a reception or employee desk, an acrylic protective shield or panel at every surface where people gather or do business provides safety and protection for you and your workers. The clear plastic shields also maintain the open office look and feel your professional setting enjoys.

  • Plexiglass sneeze guard – Made of acrylic, these barriers can be used as a sneeze guard for an office desk or in your restrooms and break areas. This sneeze guard for office use can be installed anywhere including, conference rooms, break rooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias, commissaries, at desk spaces and more.

  • Sneeze shields and acrylic dividers – You can combine the two and add plexiglass for office desk spaces to serve as both a sneeze shield and a divider. These cubicle or desk guards can be clear, a custom color or a combination of one or more colors and clear.

How do I know the size and number of acrylic office shields to order

Regardless of what type of barrier or sneeze guard you choose, the important considerations are employee protection and security. Measure your office space and number of workspaces you need to provide plexiglass shields for. Also keep in mind the dimensions of acrylic panels you will need. Don’t measure from floor to ceiling. You want to maintain adequate airflow between desks and tables in your business. If you’re confused about how many sneeze guards or how large of a desk shield and how much plexiglass for office desk areas you will need, we can help.

What are the different types of sneeze guards?

  • Countertop sneeze guards - Design to fit most countertops and offers protection on three sides. Freestanding countertop design does not require permanent installation or additional hardware.

  • School desk sneeze guards - Smaller size specifically designed for school desks. Lightweight foldable models are available for easy transport.

  • Cubicle wall panel extenders - Designed to mount to cubicle walls and provide increased separation between workspaces. Different mounting options are available.

  • Modular table dividers - Safely partition your conference and cafeteria tables into multiple areas with our modular table dividers.

  • Floor standing dividers - Use floor standing dividers to create physical separation and provide protection when social distancing is not an option.

  • Ceiling hanging barriers - Designed for ceiling-mounted installation, this style barrier is ideal for retail stores and offices with drop ceilings.

Features, Benefits & Options

  • Access space/pass-through - Many of our sneezeguards have an access space in the bottom of the front panel that allows for payment or item exchange at customer service and sales counters.

  • Easy installation - Most of our sneezeguards do not require tools for installation. Our economy models assemble with interlocking panels while other models use connectors.

  • Modular design - Use our selection of connectors to join multiple barriers of different sizes to create table dividers that match your unique size requirements.

  • Floor standing - Our floor standing barriers feature a full-length panel to provide optimal protection. A sturdy base and supports can handle high traffic areas.

  • Ceiling hanging - Our ceiling hanging shields have metal hardware for secure ceiling mounting and can hang in portrait or landscape orientation.

  • Cubicle slide-on adapter brackets - These brackets allow for easy mounting of cubicle extender panels without tools and modifications to existing cubicle walls.

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