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Use shopPOPdisplays' acrylic trays to organize and add storage to countertops, vanities or tables. A custom acrylic tray is crafted from a single piece of quality acrylic for durability and features open spaces at the corners for enhanced style. Options for acrylic trays include small and large, black, white and clear, as well as trays with handles to provide functionality.

Small acrylic trays are stylish, versatile holders for accessories. Popular uses for clear acrylic trays are organizing toiletries, decluttering your desk, or tidying up the living room. Our retail display trays are perfect for holding your merchandising apparel accessories, gift items, candy or any small product in your retail store. A black acrylic tray adds a blend of simplicity and glamour to any retail outlet.

Our display trays are made of acrylic, commonly known as plexiglass (also called Perspex) and similar to Lucite—all of which are plastic. Some of the most popular sizes of our acrylic trays include small, large and extra large (oversized). In-demand colors include clear, black and white. We are a manufacturer and supplier of acrylic display trays, and offering wholesale pricing to buyers nationwide direct from our factories. We can also make custom made acrylic trays for you, as per your unique specifications and with personalized printing if required.

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Custom Acrylic Trays

ShopPOPdisplays' acrylic trays are an elegant and versatile option for keeping loose items organized. Use our stock and custom acrylic trays in the bathroom to round up perfume, makeup, lotions and hair products. In the kitchen, use them as drawer dividers to store spoons, forks, knives and other utensils. Large acrylic trays are perfect for your bathroom or kitchen counter. Other uses include serving trays, paper or file organizers and displays. They are fashioned of quality material so they are durable and stylish.

What are the different styles available?

A custom acrylic tray from shopPOPdisplays can come in a large selection of styles. Acrylic is also known as plexiglass or Perspex, and the most common styles are rectangular and round shapes. Some styles have built-in handles that make it easier to carry a tray full of items. Personalized custom printing is also available on request.

What are acrylic trays used for?

Acrylic trays are commonly used for organizing loose items on a desk or a coffee table. Use one to organize staplers, pens, and other stationery. Another common use is to organize books, remote controls, and other trinkets on a coffee table tray. Our retail display trays are also versatile retail merchandising units that can transform how you showcase items. Our transparent options offer a clean and see-through design that will match any retail store's style as well as showcase whatever you put on them. Small ones are perfect for holding trinkets, jewelry and keys. Our white plastic display trays are commonly used as stylish letter trays or breakfast trays, while our extra large black Lucite trays are great as sleek bar or serving trays.

Looking for acrylic trays with handles?

ShopPOPdisplays carries a large selection of clear versions with a wide variety of options. We are a supplier of acrylic trays, with and without handles, at wholesale prices from our factories. Our acrylic trays with handles feature two sleek cutouts that act as handles. It comes in clear, white, and black finish options. Black options add personalized flair and give any room a clean, modern touch.