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Display Boxes With White Bases

At shopPOPdisplays, we strive to have the best selection in all things display and our display boxes with bases are no different! Here, you’ll find our plastic boxes with white bases – a two piece set made of 100% pure acrylic. Our crystal-clear display boxes fit perfectly white our vibrant white bases to make a striking display piece. Use our display boxes with white bases to show off your favorite memorabilia and collectables, storing them safely, cleanly, and securely. These white bases are well-suited for darker colored items for a striking contrast and better visibility.

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Our display boxes with white bases are great for displaying any item you want to have kept safe and sound. Each clear acrylic lid is designed to fit perfectly onto the acrylic white base. Use these plastic boxes with white bases for showcasing your favorite collectables for a sleek, clean, and most importantly an affordable display!