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Acrylic Suggestion Boxes

In the “small but mighty” category, a prominently placed acrylic suggestion box is a powerful tool for change and a great way to collect ideas or comments. ShopPOPdisplays offers a variety of styles to choose from. Tabletop versions are rather portable and easy to place where people congregate, whether at a retail checkout counter, near a door or kiosk, or on a temporary table. Wall-mounted suggestion boxes are a more permanent fixture, giving people the opportunity to make suggestions and share ideas whenever the thought occurs to them—at least when they’re in the building. Floor-standing suggestion boxes are eye-catching and make a great focal point in a retail location, at a school, in a trade show booth, and elsewhere. All are available as locking suggestion boxes for added security.

Our plastic clear suggestion boxes allow people to see that the box is actively used. They come with locks or without. Select versions come with a sign attached to allow for easy placement and replacement of images, ads, instructions, etc. Opaque black suggestion boxes—also with optional locking devices—are available if people prefer to keep their feedback private. Black suggestion boxes are available in tabletop and wall-mounted styles.
  • Acrylic suggestion boxes come in small and large sizes and are available in clear and black. Customized suggestion boxes are also available.
  • ShopPOPdisplays is a manufacturer and supplier of suggestion boxes for sale to businesses, organizations, and consumers. We sell wholesale nationwide direct from our factories.
  • Suggestion boxes are made of acrylic, commonly known as plexiglass, Perspex or Lucite—all of which are types of plastic.
  • Our craftspeople will design a custom acrylic suggestion box with optional customized etching to suit any need.
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An acrylic suggestion box is the perfect way to gather input from people, especially those who may not be inclined to speak up in public or prefer to put their thoughts on paper instead of in person. ShopPOPdisplays offers a wide selection including:

  • Tabletop suggestion boxes – Ideal for use on tables, countertops and other flat surfaces, clear acrylic and opaque black versions come in several sizes. We also offer styles that include a slot for images you can use to draw people’s attention to the box. They’re lightweight and easily portable, making them perfect for intermittent use at trades shows, craft fairs, school events, etc.
  • Wall-mounted suggestion boxes – For those without surface space or who want a more permanent solution, our wall-mount versions affix easily to any vertical feature. They come with sign attached and a lock for both visibility and security. Plus, they open to the front for easy access.
  • Floor-standing suggestion boxes – We offer two styles of acrylic floor-standing suggestion boxes, one with a slim, pedestal-shaped base and another a tall, vertical cube. Both are just over three feet tall, making them easy to transport and place where it best suits your purpose (trade show booth, near the exit door, etc.).
  • Locking suggestion boxes – These provide peace of mind to a commenter expecting privacy as well as the organization seeking input.

If you have a particular style in mind that you don’t see among our in-stock plastic, acrylic suggestion boxes, our expert craftspeople can design a custom suggestion box in any size, dimension or color, with or without personalized etching.