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In this digital age, the way we learn, research, and communicate is in constant transition. Libraries and books still play a crucial role in in the world of academics and reading recreation. How we search for information may have changed but having the space to focus and concentrate is still integral to any scholar's or professional’s success. In the 21st century electronic readers, tablets, and books are gaining increased notoriety. Video clips, sound bites, and video footage also play a big part in how we collect data these days. However, traditional hardcopy books in print still offer value and charm to any thriving bookworm. Hence, library displays are more versatile than ever. Which is why it’s so important to have a well-designed library that offers clear direction and ease to its patrons and members.

At shopPOPdisplays, our full line of stock and custom merchandise can help you organize the sections of your library and media center with directional signage that can make it easier for library members to navigate their way to the appropriate areas within the space. Consider customized banners, flags, and hanging wall signs to help members distinguish between literary and history genres. The way we share and distribute information should be both inviting and visually interesting which is why having the right library display furniture in place will help your information center offer individuals a gratifying experience. Consider setting up acrylic or wooden display tables to arrange computers and digital readers that will build a centralized work station for students and professionals alike. Another great way to stay organized is with sleek literature holders or rotating countertop brochure holders that can house literary and business journals, pamphlets and informational handouts. Using these literature holders is an efficient way to keep excess paper and clutter off countertops and saves valuable space. We have a variety of portable pedestals and pop-up counters that can be used for local events or even double as solitary work stations to help individuals maintain privacy or choose to standup while they work.

Another asset to any library display is the messages it reinforces to its members, which is why at shopPOPdisplays we have a variety of sign frames and poster frames that can help you adorn your media center’s walls with the imagery and messaging you desire. Often, it is common that libraries are also used as polling stations for their local communities so having a deluxe acrylic ballot box in place for town or municipal meetings or other voting events will look sleek and also be convenient when election day is approaching. Plus, ballot boxes also double as suggestion boxes, too. Also, it may be beneficial to have an acrylic donation box near the librarian’s desk to actively support local charities and causes. Library bulletin boards are another tool for media centers to share information. Hang a chalkboard sign in the back of your media center to encourage connections and knowledge sharing, an effective and easy way to build community and continually swap out messages and timely information.

As technology advances, the way we communicate and retain knowledge continues to revolutionize the spaces in which we learn, research, and teach. At shopPOPdisplays we have the essentials needed to help you build an impressively modern library display. Whether it’s dynamic shelving to custom made signs, we have all the library display furniture and merchandise you need to make your location the go-to destination. Contact our team of experts today to find out more about our stock and custom library displays.

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