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Finding the right trade show display products is essential in creating a lasting impression with attendees and establishing relationships with future customers. At shopPOPdisplays, we have a broad selection of trade show displays, trade show shelving and other essentials such as pedestals, banners, backdrops and flags. All are designed with exhibition needs in mind, including visibility, portability and space constraints. We offer a variety of standard sizes and shapes for trade show display shelves and hundreds of other trade show products, as well as custom designs to suit any event space or brand requirements. If you have something unique in mind for your trade show booth and aren’t seeing it here, contact us for custom options. We’ll make happen, on time and on budget.

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Custom Trade Show Pedestals

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Custom Trade Show Products

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Trade Shows Can Help Your Business Thrive

Exhibiting at the right trade show puts your brand in front of hundreds of highly qualified targets. Exposure generates sales, so advance planning helps guarantee maximum return on every dollar spent making your exhibit successful. shopPOPdisplays has every element you need, from trade show display shelves and pedestals to table covers, pop-up counters, banners, backdrops and tablet stands. Here are three things that can help your trade show booth stand out from the rest.

Bring them in
A trade show booth is an experience. It should be treated as such, because at any trade show there are lot of other companies vying for prospects’ limited attention. How will you attract interest in your booth? While most companies have a standard trade show setup, that doesn’t mean it’s a static one. Get a good understanding of the trade show floor and make any adjustments you need to best suit the attendees’ purpose for coming and ensure your booth stands out from the rest with trade show banners, backdrops, flags, table covers and portable displays. Even better, wrangle a space by the entrance, where you’ll get maximum foot traffic.

Engage them
A trade show booth is a prime sales opportunity. Once you’ve drawn someone in, what’s next? This is where the layout of the booth space becomes really important. People don’t like having to knock into one another or tiptoe around trade show display shelves. They’re there to explore and learn something about your product or service. For those in a hurry, the right takeaway info is essential, and literature holders make a lot of sense alongside poster stands, sign holders and easels. Those who’d like to chat with your representative need a comfortable place to do so. Those who prefer to explore in peace will appreciate a well-thought-out experience on an iPad or tablet computer on a trade show stand.

Don't clutter it up
As in any well-trafficked, small space, organization is essential. You may sell several varieties or sizes of a product, but that doesn’t mean you have to display them all. A thoughtful trade show display is better than a chaotic one. Trade show shelving and acrylic display boxes are the perfect pair—the former showcases representative examples, the latter stores the rest in a way that’s easy for the booth rep to access. For those with more space, acrylic risers can vary the height of objects or showcase small ones for a visually arresting tabletop or countertop display, and display pedestals add a touch of exclusivity to anything placed upon them.

Our craftspeople and engineers have been designing trade show displays, trade show shelving and other trade show products for decades. We take pride in collaborating with businesses to figure out the best way to attract attention and set up a booth effectively. For more recommendations, check out our guide on how to drive high quality traffic to your trade show booth.

Custom Printed Acrylic Blocks

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Custom Printed Acrylic Boxes

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