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Custom Printed Tablecloths & Trade Show Table Covers

How much does a tablecloth really matter? Well, considering more vendors and exhibitors connect with potential customers across table tops than any other location, it turns out they matter a lot. Transform your plain tables into well-dressed stages upon which to display merchandise, handouts, giveaways, business cards, and other promotional items with our custom printed tablecloths and covers.

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Custom tablecloths and trade show table covers connect visitors with your message before they ever hear you speak. Don't let event attendees pass by without making a clear impression upon them with who you are and what your brand has to offer. Custom imprinted tablecloths, effective signage with your message emblazoned across them, begins the conversation for you.

ShopPOP Displays' advertising banner walls, stands, counters, and table covers are the tools necessary to help highlight your message and share your value proposition.

What are the different types of trade show covers?

There are three main types of trade show table covers:

  • Standard Cover - The standard table cover provides a traditional look ideal for banquet halls or buffets. This unfitted style loosely drapes over tables and allows chairs to slide in and out.
  • Stretch Cover - This style features stretch fabric which fits the table perfectly with no wrinkles and covers all sides for a professional look. It is lightweight, easy to use, and low maintenance, making it a popular choice for tradeshow exhibitors.
  • Fitted Cover - Fitted covers are designed to fit specifically sized tables offering a more tailored look than the standard and stretch options. Fitted covers are popular for formal events like weddings.

There are several options available for table covers:

  • Zipper Back - A zipper back provides easy access to items stored under the table. This style retains a finished look while adding storage convenience. This style is available for stretch and fitted table covers.
  • Open Back - An open back is ideal for an event or tradeshow where staff will be sitting at the table. The front and sides are fully covered, offering a professional look and privacy. The back is open for storage and allows for seating.
  • Custom Printed - Custom printed table covers are a great way to showcase your business at events and tradeshows. Our full-color digital printing is vibrant and eyecatching. Attract customers to your table or booth with custom printed table covers featuring your logo and designs.

What is the difference between fitted and custom tablecloths?

Fitted tablecloths or table covers feature a top panel that fits your tabletop dimensions with tailored side panels for a clean look. Custom tablecloths or table covers are loose and drape over tabletops for a traditional flowing look.

Can I wash my custom table covers?

Yes, all our table covers can be machine washed using the delicate cycle and cold water setting. Use color-safe detergent and air dry to keep colors and custom printing vibrant.

Will your table covers fit my table?

We offer many options to fit standard 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft rectangular folding tables. These are the most common sizes used at events and tradeshows.

What are my printing options for table covers? Can I print all over, or just in certain spots?

Custom printing is available on all panels. Please see specific models' templates for printing specifics.

How do I design my table cover?

Many of our customers use graphic design software like Adobe Creative Suite to design table covers. If you want to add just your logo to a custom printed table cover, upload your logo in any of our accepted formats and we can handle it. If you want an intricate design, submit your completed design in one of our accepted formats.

What type of table cover do I need?

Choosing the right type of table cover is dependent on the style you like and if you need seating and storage. The three common types are standard, stretch, and fitted table covers. Standard offers a flowy look, stretch wraps the table tightly, and fitted provides a tailored look. If you plan on sitting at your table, select an open back option that allows chairs to slide in and out. Zipper back is ideal when using the space under the table for storage. It offers concealed storage while allowing for easy access to the stored items.