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Retail Shelving And Racks

Customers shop with their eyes — so the look of your retail environment is critical when designing your space to optimize sales. From clothing racks showcasing product, murphy stands and multiple acrylic and wire shelving racks and options, your visual merchandising message either boosts or detracts from your profits.

In order to help maximize how you market your retail space, shopPOPdisplays.com provides a selection of retail displays and fixtures to help you leverage the performance of every inch of your selling space.

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Where Do You Look for the Tools to Optimize Your Retail Displays?

When you’re developing strategic retail display plans to improve the visual merchandising at your store, start with these six simple tips. To find the best, lightweight, affordable display products, shop our selection of point-of-purchase displays at shopPOPdisplays!

  1. Identify your audience. Make your retail displays effective by knowing whom they target. 
  2. Tell a story. Storytelling retail displays resonate better with customers and are more memorable than those merely featuring products. 
  3. Make it interactive.  Encourage customers to engage with your products. Engagement drives interest and potential sales. Customers who establish a comfort level with your products begin to envision themselves owning them. 
  4. Keep it simple. Good displays make buyers notice — keep it simple. Overcomplicate a display with clutter and it diminishes your message. 
  5. Use signage. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but, in retail, you need words to communicate. Customers only know the features of an item or the sale you’re promoting when you tell them. 
  6. Stay flexible. The best retail displays are never static. They’re adaptable and you’re updating them all the time. 

What are the types of retail shelving and racks?

There are many types of retail shelving and racks available. Some common types are wood shelving, acrylic shelving, wire racks, spinning racks, and clothing racks.