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Cube Tables & Display Cubes

Highlight any artwork or space with shopPOPdisplays' cube tables and display cubes. These can be used as end tables, showcase large artwork, or display merchandise. Our durable cube pedestals work well as retail display cubes in department stores as well as propping foundations and furniture inside of museums, galleries, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, window displays, and home décor.
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Available in black and white finishes, our cube pedestals have a sleek modern look to fit any environment. Choose from two footprints, 18" x 18" or 23" x 23" and two height options, 18" and 23" to fit your living space or artwork.

There are many creative ways cube tables and display cubes can be used. Create table groupings using one or more pedestal bases to add texture and height, accentuate a graceful, flowing plant or floral arrangement, cluster an arrangement in an odd number to continuously guide the eye across your display-worthy items. Mix and match different color and size cube tables, the creative uses are limitless!

If you can't find products to meet your needs, please contact us for custom options. Custom printing and engraving are also available with a low minimum quantity, ideal for businesses looking to add branding or anyone looking for a designer touch.