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Hotel & Hospitality Supplies: Displays & Signage

As people get back to traveling for business and pleasure, the hotel and hospitality industry is anticipating a surge in bookings this year and beyond. In fact, a recent report found that 56 percent of consumers do expect to travel for leisure in 2022 alone, and the global hospitality market is expected to grow from $3,952.87 billion in 2021 to $4,548.42 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.1 percent.

It goes without saying that when travelers walk into your hotel—whether they’re attending a business conference or on a family vacation—you want them to feel welcome and impressed with your location’s appearance, so much so that they recommend the hotel to others. That’s why hotel displays and signage are of utmost importance. Guests or conference attendees should be able to find their way around with ease. shopPOPdisplays has a wide variety of hotel displays, hotel signage, and organizational tools to make sure your hotel is a place people want to come back to again and again.

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Key Area Hotel Display and Hotel Signage Opportunities

Taking a casual overview of your hotel, hospitality area, or conference space can highlight what hotel display and hotel signage opportunity may be missing. Consider these key points of interest to get started.

Reception Area

For high-traffic areas, you’ll want durable hotel displays that make an impact. Luckily, we carry countertop sign holders made from break-resistant high-impact acrylic, including our top loading break-resistant sign holder.
Always appropriate, protective and safety barriers keep hotel and hospitality personnel and patrons safe. Protect your employees with this ceiling hanging sneeze guard shield, which can be personalized with your hotel’s name or logo.
Believe it or not, some people still like to read a physical newspaper and magazine. Offer guests a selection of publications with this popular hotel display, the 4 pocket newspaper stand. For a smaller option, the two pocket wood newspaper holder with acrylic front comes in a variety of finishes like mahogany, medium oak and light oak to complement any décor.

Concierge Area

Whether it’s hotel info or details about local attractions, keep all brochures organized and easy to find with the plastic counter top or wall mount 3 tier convertible pamphlet holder. Want a spinning option? We also have the rotating 4 sided trifold pamphlet holder available.
Hotel displays showcase full-size brochures for local excursions, hotel restaurant menus, and event flyers without taking up a ton of space like the minimalist design of the wire countertop full sized brochure holder.
Give local businesses some props and recognition with this 6-pocket, 10-pocket or 24-pocket business card display.


The plastic 4 tier bifold pamphlet holder can hold a note pad, envelopes and pens for your guests—and be kept on the hotel room’s desk or mounted to the wall to save space. Space-saving hotel displays are always welcome!
This plastic bi-fold holder is perfect for the television’s remote control, as well as local channel listings.
Showcase all of the treats available in the hotel mini bar with the 8x10 inch slant back clear plastic sign holder.
Hang the hotel’s available laundry and service lists near the closet utilizing the wall mounted top loading acrylic sign holder, which is easy to use and comes with the hardware needed to position it with ease.
Hotel signage standouts. Make sure emergency exit directions are easy to see by securely placing the 11 x 17 wall mounted side loading acrylic sign holder onto the back of the door.

Restaurant and Bar

Place a spotlight on your hotel bar’s specialty cocktails and seasonal menu items with our array of cute and reusable chalkboard signs. Hotel display and hotel signage twofer.
List happy hour specials with this acrylic floor standing sign holder, which allows you to easily change out info on a daily basis.
A creative way to feature daily events at the hotel is with a counter mat with insert.
Keep everything from packets of sugar to tea bags organized with the 4 compartment acrylic box organizer and the 4 slot acrylic cylinder organizer.
Hold utensils with the acrylic adjustable dump bin display, which has removable dividers to create larger bin sizes if needed.

Events and Conferences

Sign-in stations can come together with a medium or large pine nesting gift table, which comes in a variety of color options. If you’re looking for quick assembly and takedown, you can also opt for a portable clear acrylic table.
Showcase your hotel name, design or logo on the ultimate hotel signage item, table covers. These multiuse customized items can go over everything from the sign-in tables to smaller cocktail tables.
Guest speakers can be the focus of the room with an acrylic podium lectern with brushed aluminum post for a modern look. We also carry all-inclusive podiums with sound.
Set up event posters outside of conference rooms using a chrome or black poster stand with flat base, or opt for the clear acrylic poster stand for a more modern look. The floating acrylic wall frame with metal standoffs is crafted of durable, clear acrylic that mounts to doors and walls so you can easily lead guests to various conference rooms and other important areas of the hotel.
Easels are also a great way to display important event signage at individual tables in a conference room or event space.
Hotel signage like our single sided custom print rectangular flags can help promote events and also assist in wayfinding around the venue. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and be customized to your preference.