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Displays Cases & Shelving for Bakeries

ShopPOPdisplays carries a wide range of display cases for bakeries, bakery display cabinets, and other types of must-have retail bakery essentials. Our catalog includes retail bakery displays such as acrylic boxes, countertop bakery displays, display shelves for bakeries, chalkboard signs, wooden baskets and crates, 4-hole acrylic ice cream stands, acrylic cupcake stands with 4 configurable tiers, large 3-level dump bins, and more. Ideal for bakeries, cafes, bread bakeries, pastry shops, food trucks, farmer's market stands, etc. View our baking display selection and order today! Have a question or would like more information? Contact us. We'll gladly assist you!

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Bakery Display Ideas

Acrylic boxes: Prop up popular pastry on our remarkable and versatile custom acrylic boxes, whether you choose a clear or mirrored model, our acrylic boxes can truly highlight the beauty and details of any confection, cupcake, custard, donut, danish, or cookie.

Acrylic display cases: Show off your fresh baked goods in style with our bakery display cases. Perfect for daily specials, these choice display cases can be propped up on countertops and present the decorative confections.Alternately, baskets and trays offer baked goods in a simple and rustic manner.

Acrylic magnet labels: Cleverly advertise all the baked specialties by using our acrylic magnet labels that conveniently adhere to bakery display cases, speed racks, and boxes. Use these magnet labels to distinguish baked goods and help consumers select the delicacies.

Signage: Create custom signage for the baked goods or invest in chalkboard signage to easily change how you advertise daily specials. Our selection of custom signage includes wall-mounted sign holders, poster frames and chalkboard signs that work well with VersaChalk markers for DIY illustrations of breads and pastries to creatively market bakery specialties.

Wooden Baskets: Wooden baskets are ideal for storing grab-and-go fresh baked goods like loaves of bread or individually wrapped muffins, bagels, croissants, rolls, and danishes. Keep these baskets stacked up on the cash wrap to entice customers into making irresistible last-minute purchases.

Portable/Collapsible Displays: Taking baked goods on the road to a farmer's market, sidewalk sale, or festival? Consider investing in portable and collapsible displays. Our 24" acrylic folding 4-shelf knockdown display or medium acrylic knockdown 3-shelf display are ideal for presenting cupcakes and other baked goods while offering the convenience of easy set up and break down.

Bakery Display FAQ

What are bakery cases called?

Bakery cases have a multitude of names including bakery display cases, display fridges, and display cases for bakeries. They can integrate two main components that include shelving and refrigeration with maximum visibility, so consumers can peruse the delicious offerings.

Are bakery cases refrigerated?

Many bakery display cases are refrigerated as they protect food items made with perishable dairy products,fresh fruit, and eggs. Non-perishable baked goods are often stored in bakery display cases without refrigeration, so it depends on the bakery's merchandise or unique needs.

What is the difference between a bakery case and a deli case?

A bakery display case is available in several styles. Bakery display cases options include refrigerated and non-refrigerated. The refrigerated bakery display cases often have shelves and keep products at a consistent temperature. They contain less moisture and are mostly used for confections, cakes, pies, and other perishable specialties. The non-refrigerated styles are dry and used to store bread items that need a dry environment to stay fresh longer.

Deli cases are refrigerated display cases with multitude levels and shelves. They can keep products at a degree of approximately 40° F. They're mostly used by delis that have a wide selection of meats, cheeses, and salads to display and need to keep them refrigerated but not frozen.

Why are cakes and pastries kept in a glass case?

Cakes and pastries are often kept inside of glass bakery display cases to avoid dust, insects, and other types of debris from jeopardizing their freshness.

How do you keep pastry cases fresh?

It's important to sanitize the bakery display cabinets and pastry cases daily. Using a food-safe cleaner with warm water or white vinegar is a good approach to keep the case clean, fresh, and ideal for your baked goods.

How long can bakery items sit out?

Bakery items can sit out for varying durations depending on type and ingredients. For instance, a fresh bread item like a muffin or bagel can sit out a day or so, while a fresh fruit pie or iced cupcake may only be able to sit out from its refrigerated case for an hour before perishing.

What temperature should a bakery case be?

Refrigerated bakery display cases can hold temperatures been 33-41 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature for perishable pies, cupcakes, cakes, confections, and other delicious baked treats.