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Displays Cases & Fixtures for Boutiques

With many people opting to shop for everything online, it's never been more important for brick-and-mortar boutiques to find ways to attract customers and keep them coming back. One way boutique owners and store managers can make their storefront an inviting place to browse and buy is using boutique displays.

Whether you're selling clothing for adults or children, home goods, jewelry, cosmetics, and everything in between, boutique displays can keep inventory organized and easy for both staff and customers to find and purchase. With shopPOPdisplays' selection of display cases for boutiques, display shelves for boutiques, and boutique display cabinets, boutique owners and managers can create unique and eye-catching merchandising opportunities. From display shelves and wooden floor-standing displays to acrylic sign holders and clothing racks, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you don't see what you need, shopPOPdisplays can customize boutique displays to your specifications. Contact us with any questions or for more information. We'll gladly assist you!

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Use Cases

Boutiques utilize a variety of displays to keep their inventory organized, easy to locate, and pleasing to a customer's eye. Some of the most popular boutique displays include:

Clothing racks. Many customers find it easier to browse through hanging clothing, so racks come in handy.

Jewelry and cosmetics. From earrings and necklaces to rings and bracelets, shopPOPdisplays has an array of boutique display stands and boutique display cases for jewelry. We also have you covered when it comes to cosmetics, with various stations and boxes to keep everything organized.

Countertop trinkets. These impulse buys need to be kept in a customer's line of sight, so countertop boutique displays are necessary.

Pedestals for shoes. Put your shoe offerings on full display with the use of pedestals and shoe risers.

Shelving for home goods. Boutique display shelving like slatwall shelves from shopPOPdisplays are sturdy enough to hold small home goods of all shapes and sizes.

Wooden barrels to display tee shirts. Boutique owners will want to find creative ways to showcase their goods. One fun idea is to utilize wooden barrels to display shirts.

Acrylic trays for accessories. Acrylic trays are a beautiful way to showcase smaller items for sale in a boutique, including accessories.

Locking cabinets for antiques. If you have anything that is especially delicate or valuable, it is wise to keep it in a locking boutique display cabinet.

Boutique Store Display Ideas

Signage. A straightforward way to attract customers to your boutique is with the effective use of signage. Attract people driving or walking by with the single sided custom print 15' teardrop flag, which can be placed outside of your storefront. The 33.5"w retractable display banner with stand custom print can also be set up outside the location or in the window.

Once inside, countertop signs, such as the 4" x 6" top loading plastic sign holder, as well as wall-mounted styles, including the 8.5 x 11 wall mounted top loading acrylic sign holder, can help promote sales, discounts, and other important store info. Looking for a more rustic look? Check out our selection of chalkboard signs with or without a custom logo to create DIY signage.

Clothing Racks. An important boutique display is clothing racks. Our spiral clothing display, black 4-way garment rack, and 2-way clothing rack can keep apparel organized and easy to locate. Don't forget the size dividers. If you want to create a few unique boutique displays, keep folded shirts and pants on one of our wooden crate displays, such as the six wood crate display.

Pop Up Counters. Pop Up Counters make for easy setup and takedown boutique displays when having a sidewalk or tent sale. shopPOPdisplays 31"high clear acrylic table is durable with ample space, but is ready to be taken down with just a few turns of a screw. The wooden large floor standing 4 shelf display with headboard is made with eco-friendly materials, and can be paired with the wooden medium floor standing 4 shelf display with full back and sides. If you're looking for countertop options, shopPOP has several as part of the Woodland Park Collection, including a wooden medium 3 tier countertop display, the wooden large 3 tier countertop display, and the wooden 4 tier countertop step display.

Lighted Display Cases. Lighted boutique display cases are an amazing way to show off your inventory and create eye-catching boutique displays. Antiques and collectibles can be kept safe but still in sight in our 3' wide wooden lighted floor standing display case with sliding doors and mirrored back. The 4' wide lighted wood laminate left sliding door display case comes in a variety of colors and in a smaller size. And the hex shaped display towers come with shelves and lighting, and is available in black, cherry, or maple finishes.

Jewelry Displays. For locations that sell jewelry and cosmetics, shopPOPdisplays has boutique display cases tailored made for these accessories and items. Necklace stands, bracelet displays, earring displays, and ring displays are just a few of the options we have to show off your jewelry. And there are plenty of cosmetics displays, including our 3 tier curved cosmetic display station, the clear acrylic two tier square lipstick display, and the flanged stair step with front lip.

Slatwall and Accessories. Boutique display shelves can hold a variety of products, including home goods, collectibles, and toys. Our deluxe acrylic shelf 12" x 8" x 2" is a stable and durable surface. Slatwall can also be used to hold different types and sizes of products with the help of bins, trays, cubes, and shelves.

Wire and Mobile Racks. Clearance items can be kept separate from the main boutique items with the help of metal displays like the round shelf wire rack, which comes with a handy sign holder. The five shelf rolling display can be moved around the store so it doesn't interfere with other boutique displays, while the portable decorative display rack in black is perfect if you want something more ornate.

Acrylic Trays and Acrylic Boxes. And smaller items can still be kept neat with acrylic trays and boxes. Our deluxe acrylic one piece tray comes in different sizes, while our wall-mounted acrylic tray will help save counter space. Our 5-sided acrylic boxes also come in an array of sizes—perfect for different loose items near the cash registers to promote impulse buys.