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Pet Groomer & Kennel Displays and Signage

It's no secret that Americans love their pets, spending an estimated $109.6 billion on their pets in 2021. In fact, almost half of all US households have a pet—and spending on these furry family members is growing 2.5 times faster than overall spending in the U.S.

"Millions of Americans have brought home pets in the last two years, and many others have spent more money on their current pets after having spent so much extra time at home with them," LendingTree chief credit analyst Matt Schulz explained. "As things slowly, eventually return to normal, some of that pet spending will likely recede. However, I think we'll likely see some extra spending on pets for some time to come."

While a lot goes into taking care of a furry loved one, grooming and kennel services play a big part in a pet owner's annual expenses. In fact, the pet grooming industry is expected to reach $5.49 billion by 2025.

If you offer one of these pet-centric services, you'll want your business to not only retail existing clientele, but also attract new customers. Essential to these businesses are pet groomer displays and kennel displays.

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Signage, of course, plays a big part of advertising your business. Strategically placed banners and flags outside of your location can attract people driving or walking by, as well as help you promote specials and promotions. Once inside, you'll need pet groomer displays and kennel displays like wall mounted signs where you can post services and prices, as well as countertop sign holders can be used to promote discounts. And don't forget about quintessential pet groomer displays and kennel displays such as literature holders so passerby's can stop in to take a brochure or flyer from your business.

Our selection of dump bins can keep all of your pet grooming supplies organized—making employees' jobs easier. Pet owners will also appreciate seeing a tidy and clean workspace.

If you're selling any pet care products, you'll want to display them effectively to encourage clients to make some impulse buys before they leave. Slatwall displays can keep valuable floor space, allowing a variety of merchandise to be showcased via shelves, bins and trays.

And some clients will want to wait while their pet is groomed. With that in mind, you'll need some comfy furniture.

Whether you own a pet grooming or kennel business, shopPOPdisplays is here to assist you. Contact us with any questions or for more information and ideas.

Pet Groomer and Kennel Display & Design Ideas

Promote your pet-centric business through the smart use of pet groomer displays and kennel displays like signage. Banners and flags outside of your location can catch the attention of people driving or walking by. The 47"W retractable display banner and 15' feather flag square corner single sided are both great options for eye-catching signage; however, shopPOPdisplays offers a variety of sizes to fit any need. And all can be customized with your business name, logo, and colors for less than you imagine!

You'll also need pet groomer display signage for inside of your location. Wall mounted signs, such as our 17 x 11 wall mounted side loading acrylic sign holder, can be used to display services and prices. Countertop sign holders near the check-in area and cashier location can also share valuable information, including sales, promotions, and events. Our 5x7 slant back acrylic sign/business card holder combo serves a dual purpose, allowing you to showcase announcements, as well as have a place to hold business or appointment cards.

You'll also need literature holders—like the plastic countertop or wall mount 4 tier bifold pamphlet—so people can stop in to take a brochure for your business. They might even grab a few to pass along to friends.

Keeping supplies organized is crucial to making sure your business runs efficiently daily. Look no further than our selection of dump bins. The acrylic adjustable dump bin display has removable dividers so you can choose the best size for you—it's perfect for holding loose items. And our acrylic 5-sided box with a hinged lid is sturdy enough to safely hold different grooming and pet care items.

Since messes are inevitable with pets, consider keeping gloves handy with shopPOPdisplays' acrylic two box glove dispenser, which can be left on the countertop or mounted to the wall.

Selling any products at a pet grooming or kennel business? You'll want to make sure they're easy to find with eye-catching pet groomer displays and kennel displays. Slatwall displays can keep valuable floor space, allowing a variety of merchandise to be showcased via shelves, bins and trays. The H-shaped slatwall merchandiser allows you to display a wide variety of goods while still saving space.

You can also make your space more comfortable for waiting clients with the medium oak quadruple sled base sofa, which comes in different fabrics and wood options.