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There are currently more than half a million insurance agents operating across the United States, and the number of workers in the sector is expected to grow by 5.49 percent over the next decade.

If you own your own insurance agency, making it an efficient place for both employees and clients (prospective and current) is a crucial element of your business success. Effective insurance agency displays can help maintain organization and present a professional environment.

Not sure how to get started with insurance displays? Simply browse through some of shopPOPdisplays' suggestions for creating insurance agency displays that can help boost your office's efficiency and sales rate.

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No matter what your business, signage always plays a significant role in creating a capable office environment. Wall mounted signs can direct employees and clients to individual offices, restrooms, and more.

Furniture is needed in the reception area for clients and other visitors. Literature holders and business card holders are also essential insurance displays at the front of the office.

For our personnel's health and physical safety, sneeze guard shields can be placed on desks or hung from the ceilings to keep germs at bay. If it's an open concept office, floor-standing dividers can be set up to create some distance between desks.

Acrylic bin organizers—along with slatwall displays—can keep insurance office supplies organized.

For more information on insurance agency displays or question, contact our customer service team. We'll gladly assist you.

Insurance Agency Office Display Use Cases


You'll need a comfortable space for clients to sit while they wait to see their agent, so furniture is necessary when planning out your insurance office display. Our light oak triple sled base sofa is stylish, economical, and comfortable. It comes in a variety of finishes and fabric colors to match any décor.

To keep employees sitting in the reception area safe from germs, install the Polycarbonate Ceiling Hanging Sneeze Guard Shield at the reception desk. In fact, it can be hung anywhere needed, and can be easily adjusted to fit any height—making it a valuable insurance office display option.

Information is key, so make sure your insurance displays include a place where brochures and pamphlets are easy to find with our medium oak 8 pocket wood brochure holder with acrylic holder. And your agents can keep their business cards on display with the medium oak 6 pocket tiered wood business card holder.

Private Office

Offices can be easily identified with our wall mounted top loading acrylic sign holder. This can also be used outside restrooms, conference rooms and the cafeteria or break room at your insurance office.

Keep your business cards handy with our acrylic black and white business card holder, which boasts a sleek and sturdy design.

No insurance office display would be complete with finding a place for office supplies, including pens, pencils, paper clips and more. It all can be kept organized and within reach with the acrylic 4 bin organizer.

Cafeteria/Break Room

Another insurance agency display must is our acrylic 4 compartment dump bin can keep coffee pods, tea bags, sugar and condiment packets well-organized and easy to find for both employees and clients.

The acrylic adjustable dump bin display is perfect storage for plastic utensils and napkins.

Place a variety of snack options in our acrylic 10" stacking candy bin. The hinged frontal lid keeps contents fresh, and a storage pocket keeps the scoop nearby. The medium 4 bin stacked display with dividers will also keep individual packages of chips, pretzels, popcorn and more in one place.

Supply Closet

Slatwall displays are a terrific way to keep everything used in your insurance office displays organized. You can easily store a bevy of supplies on shelves, cubes, bins and trays.

Our Acrylic 5 Sided Box is available in different sizes to hold various supplies.

The stackable 2-bin displays are perfect insurance displays for presenting loose-items, with rubber stoppers to prevent sliding. Bonus: They're movable, so place where and when you see fit.