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Acrylic Display Pedestals & Plinths

When you need to add a touch of class to your store or gallery, consider displaying your items on an acrylic plinth. Offering a clean and elegant presentation, shopPOPdisplays' acrylic plinths and pedestals for display work well in any environment. We offer a variety of acrylic plinths for sale in several shapes, colors and sizes.

From retail settings to museums, our acrylic pedestal stands are a favorite for displaying collectibles, antiques, jewelry, artwork, etc. A brightly-colored acrylic display plinth adds a touch of whimsy to any event. Subtle in design, a clear acrylic plinth blends into any setting without overshadowing the surrounding décor and puts distinct emphasis on the item that is being displayed.

We also have a plethora of acrylic pedestals and plinths ranging in color and size to suit your display needs. All our acrylic pedestal display stands are durable, long-lasting and customizable. If you love the sleek look of Lucite or plexiglass, and want to add a unique spin on yours, contact us to learn about custom printing, or engraving options for our plastic pedestals.

We are a manufacturer of plinths and pedestals. We offer a wide selection of acrylic plinths and pedestals for sale wholesale and in bulk nationwide direct from our factories. Our high-quality display plinths, pedestals and columns are made of a plastic known as acrylic, commonly called plexiglass (or Perspex), which is similar to Lucite.

Any acrylic plinth stand, pedestal or column display from our online catalog can be made in a choice of color or shape, with or without LED lights. Popular colors include white, black, blue, clear and frosted in round, square or rectangle shapes. A white or clear acrylic plinth or pedestal is popular for weddings. Want to add the name of the bride and groom? Need a color we haven't listed? We can make a custom plinth stand or pedestal for you.

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How to Use Acrylic Display Plinths and Pedestals in any Retail, Gallery or Museum

Plastic plinths and pedestals are the ideal displays for a wide variety of settings and events. Retail stores can use them in a variety of sizes to showcase any product, such as socks, jewelry, clothing, knick-knacks, kitchenware and more. Toy stores can make their items easy to reach for children of all ages by displaying them on brightly colored rectangle Perspex plinths and pedestals.
Museums and galleries might prefer to purchase their acrylic columns and pedestal display stands with LED lights added. A square black or white acrylic plinth or pedestal is perfect for drawing attention to all types of exhibits and artwork – from classic to modern, realism to abstract expressionism and more.

Don't Forget Acrylic Pedestals, Plinths and Columns for Your Next Party or Event

Just about any event including weddings, baby showers, birthdays, retirement parties and more can benefit with the addition of a pedestal or column display stand made from colored, frosted or clear plexiglass. Event planners love our brightly colored acrylic pedestal stands in shades of pink, blue, yellow or green to use at children's parties.

Try a large plastic plinth or column at the next baby shower you organize. Your client's guests will love it when you pack it full of balloons or stuffed toys. Weddings are the perfect setting for a white or frosted acrylic column or pedestal. Plus, it makes the perfect round acrylic plinth cake display stand, and our acrylic columns are strong enough to support even the tallest cakes.
Black acrylic pedestals or plinths are ideal for graduation parties, retirement parties, "over-the-hill" themed birthday parties and more. Even an evening wedding or fancy charity event can use one for self-serve appetizers and drinks. And any of our units are perfect for showing off items up for auction at your next school, office or non-profit fundraiser.

Custom-Made Acrylic Pedestals and Plinths

If you need a name, logo or short phrase added to your pedestal, column or plinth, we offer custom printing on our acrylic display stands. We can also custom make any of our pedestal display stands, including custom sizes and colors. Contact us today and one of our experts can walk you through the design process.