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Acrylic Display Pedestals & Plinths

Offering a clean and elegant presentation, our acrylic pedestals at shopPOPdisplays work well in a variety of environments. From retail settings to museums, our acrylic pedestal stands are a choice favorite for beautifully displaying collectibles, antiques, jewelry, artwork, and so much more. Subtle in design, our clear acrylic pedestals blend into any setting without overshadowing the surrounding décor and putting distinct emphasis on the item that is being displayed. We also have a wide variety of acrylic pedestals ranging in color and size to best suit your individual display needs. All our acrylic pedestal display stands are extremely durable, long-lasting, and easily customizable. If you love the sleek and modern look of lucite or plexiglass and are looking to add a unique spin on your acrylic display pedestal or plinth, contact our team to learn more about custom printing, or engraving options for our acrylic pedestals to create a contemporary feel in any space.
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