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Display Cases - Counter Top, Wall Mount & Floor Standing

Our Display Cases come in assorted configurations and dimensions, but serve a common purpose - they present and protect items you choose not to store on open shelves. Whether to showcase collectibles, to proudly present corporate trophies, accolades, and awards, or to stylishly exhibit exclusive inventory for retail sale, shoppopdisplays.com has just the right storage case to meet your needs. Shop our assembling of large and small Countertop, Wall Mounted, or Floor Standing display cases constructed of the highest quality acrylic, aluminum, clear plastic, laminate, plexiglass, wood and wood laminates.

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Subcategories in Display Cases


Our display case collection features options for every buyer at every level, from economically priced and feature-rich sturdy lightweight options, to heirloom quality furniture-grade pieces with high-design elements, each one crafted to last. Choose from fixed or adjustable shelf options, cases with or without built-in lighting, cases with mirrored backs, or those allowing from 270° to 360° visibility of stored items.


Is there value to segmenting certain items by setting them apart in display cases? According to researchers, the sense of exclusivity, or the perception of scarcity created by showcasing a limited collection of items as “premium” increases their perceived value to potential purchasers, making a decision to merchandise in display cases a very good thing for retailers.


From jewelry to watches, electronics to keepsakes, our displays help persuade potential purchasers, bringing them face to face with your merchandise. Display Case options feature ease of access, interior lighting, secure and discreet locks, and additional bonus “hidden” storage. We have built a selection intended to meet your needs today and well into the future.


What encourages people to spend? Often, it has more to do with perceived value than the actual cost of an item. Consumers willingly pay more for items when they believe the additional cost means their purchase will be of higher quality or will last longer. The care you take in lavishly displaying items in display cases from among our collection may well translate into additional revenue. Consider making the right choice for your environment as an investment in long-term value building for your personal or professional brand.