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Convention Centers and Expo Displays

Planning and executing positive flow in an event space is essential. When creating a convention and exhibition hall floor plan, organization is essential. Style may vary depending on the event, exhibition, or expo, not to mention the number of attendees, booths, and safety protocols firmly in place. What does not change is the need for convention center displays to maximize space and optimize viewing capacity from different angles. Enter convention center signage. The use of signage is key, whether customized banners, flags, table covers or wall mount and floor standing sign holders for directory maps, room announcements, or seminar schedules. Consider taking advantage of customization capabilities such as color, size, shape, and material, a shopPOPdisplays specialty, to create classic and versatile convention center displays unique to the venue itself.
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Subcategories in Convention Centers and Expo Displays


Convention Center Displays Every Venue Needs:

Protective Barriers - Ensure the safety of attendees, patrons, ace whenever and wherever needed like information booths, badge check-in, exhibition areas, etc. Whether it’s floor standing panel dividers, table dividers, or counter sneeze guards shopPOPdisplays has in stock and customizable merchandise.

Display Boxes and Cases - Spotlight companies, products or sponsorship using assorted display boxes and cases. Cause even more traffic with lighted display cases. Create buzz with locking suggestion boxes and ballot boxes are ideal for best-in-show voting and business card raffles.

Easy Transport Compact and Movable Displays - For on-the-move and temporary exhibits, there’s nothing more convenient than portable and collapsible flat-packed displays. Effortless setup and break down features.

Literature Holders - A must-have for convention center displays, business card holders as well as acrylic brochure and pamphlet holders help distribute sponsor information, daily schedules, seminar packets and more.

Room Announcement Holders - Convention center signage can range from customized company or exhibit banners and flags to poster and stanchion signs with room announcements to acrylic sign holders for attendee sign-in and pickup information, shopPOPdisplays has them all in one convenient place.

Map and Directory Displays - A necessary convention center signage for expos, and special events, maps and directories need to be easily accessible and clearly seen. Consider floor standing sign holders and poster frames placed throughout the exhibition floor or strategically placed placards in wall mounted sign holders and poster frames.

Product Promotion Items - No matter the exhibit or expo theme, acrylic risers are the unsung heroes of convention center displays. Perfect for product (and service) promotions, as well as showcasing merchandise, acrylic risers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and material. Customize for a no-miss marketing opportunity.

Raffle and Suggestion Boxes - Every exposition hall, exhibit and convention center should have several locking suggestion box or ballot box on premises to entice and engage attendees. Ideal for both raffles and business card collection alike.

Furniture - For lounges, waiting areas or to offer a temporary respite from walking expansive convention or expo hall floors, creating areas with strategically placed chairs and pedestals with sponsor information and expo flyers, etc. can make or break the experience.

Office and Facilities - Space-saving laptop carts provide shelving and storage for all your presentation needs. Select a cart model with charging capabilities to ensure you’re never without power.

Meeting Pedestals, Podiums, Lecterns and Tablet Displays - A must-have convention center display where seminars and speaking engagements occur. Put an end to poor audio, optical and electrical snafus with podiums, lecterns, and meeting pedestals. Likewise, space-saving tablet display stands are essential to presentations and booths alike. Add a custom print fabric cover to stand out!

Banners, Flags, Trade Show Table Covers and Pop-up Counters - Company branding is the key to standing out amongst competitors and nothing gains attention like convention center signage like customized banners, flags, trade show table covers, and pop-up counters. Bonus, they can be used in practically any situation – expos, chamber of commerce meetings, etc.