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Bridal Show Displays

Bridal shows and wedding exhibitions are the perfect place to showcase your product or service and talk to happy couples face-to-face. Create a cohesive brand image using our custom banners, flags, backdrops, and tablecloths. Then, attract customers into your booth using raffles, games, or the simple beauty of your booth. Before they go, don’t forget to give them a pamphlet or business card!

Custom options are available for many products - contact us today for more information.
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How Much is a Booth at a Bridal Show?

The price of a booth at a bridal show can vary widely. Booths can cost a couple of hundred dollars, or a few thousand dollars depending on the location of the booth, size of the booth, location of the show, and the projected number of visitors. It will cost more money to have a booth in a high-traffic area, such as near an entrance, or at the end of an aisle.

What Should I Give Away at a Bridal Show?

When you have a bridal show booth, it's advisable to give away a few promotional items in addition to a business card. This will help you stay at the top of a consumer's mind. If you’re selling a product, give away samples. Other promotional items could include breath mints, chargers, and lip balm.

How Can Vendors be Successful at Bridal Shows?

The key to being successful at a bridal show is to be friendly while maintaining a focus on sales. If a customer approaches your booth, make sure a representative is already standing, smiling, and greeting the customer. You can create more sales opportunities by arriving early to set your booth up, and stay for the entire duration of the show. In order to collect customer information, consider holding a raffle.