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Fair and Festival Displays

Whether you’re a retailer avoiding overhead costs or someone who simply needs to move excess inventory, local fairs and festivals are the perfect place to make sales while enjoying the outdoors. To make your table or booth stand out, you’ll need festival display options that keep your products organized and help boost sales—not to mention easy to assemble and take down so you can transport them to the next event.

When it comes to selling merchandise at festivals and fairs, presentation and promotion are key factors. Consider that many vendors sell small items that customers can carry around the oftentimes large location venue. Luckily, shopPOPdisplays has a wide range of portable yet durable perfect for festival displays for showcasing everything from jewelry and clothing to crafts and collectibles—and more. Looking for a unique design? There are plenty of stock options or stand out from the crowd with customized displays. Need to keep pricier products secure? We have those, too.

Looking to promote your goods and to further encourage people to stop by your booth or table, be sure to look at our selection of stock and customizable banners, flags, table covers, chalkboard signs, literature holders, and more that will help highlight your products. Remember, shopPOPdisplays customizes products to your needs so feel free to reach out to our team with any questions.

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Subcategories in Fair and Festival Displays


Use Cases

Food and beverage - People often spend an entire afternoon walking around a fair or festival, so they’re bound to get hungry and thirsty. This type of event is the perfect place to show off rustic charm with your festival displays, so why not store your food and drinks in our round cedar wood barrel with food safe liner, which comes in a variety of colors. Of course, you also want displays that are easy to transport, so check out our three step chair display, Adjustable square or round cupcake tower, or the slant front 3 tray pastry display. All are the perfect way to tempt visitors into buying a sweet treat!

Jewelry and accessories - With so many people stopping by, you’ll want to keep pricier items in one of our many locking displays, which can hold anything from watches to sunglasses, and more. For festival display items that don’t need to be kept under lock and key, there are plenty of options, including an acrylic rotating earring display, the 18 slot counter top ring display in white and black, acrylic necklace display stand and the half round bracelet display in white and black.

Apparel - Clothes take up a lot of space so you want festival display options that can keep everything organized, and still leave room for other merchandise. Our 4-way garment rack in black or chrome can make it easy for customers to find what they want. Consider adding a festival banner or flag to bring attention and crowds to your space.

Crafts - Festival and fairs are popular events to sell your homemade crafts. Show off your creations with some of our tiered acrylic displays, such as the wide acrylic three step riser, the clear acrylic flanged stair step displays, the tilted-back flanged stairs, and the four tier spiral shelf display. Plus, they’re all easy to pack up after the event is over.

Collectibles - People often scour fairs and festivals for hard-to-find collectibles, Luckily, we have an array of risers that will put a spotlight on all your offerings. Grab a set of three clear acrylic round risers or opt for the square option. the 5 shelf knockdown display is also a great option, with shelves that can be custom oriented.

Antiques - Of course, you want to keep delicate items safe, so our flat packed clear acrylic countertop display case w/ black base and flat-packed clear acrylic display pedestal with black base. They can both be assembled and disassembled with ease (no tools needed!), making them easy to travel with.

Beauty - Store essential oils, soaps and more in one of our clear acrylic boxes, like this one with a sliding top. There’s also the 4 compartment acrylic box organizer with removable dividers, or some countertop baskets.

Smoking accessories - There’s no shortage of options on our CBD page, such as 48 unit one hitter chillum white acrylic display tray, the 25 unit small glass bowl holder display, the 88 unit joint tube holder display, and the nitro seal tin can angled display with sign holder. All are compact so they’re easy to travel with and don’t take up much room during storage.

Music festival merchandise - Selling some vinyl records? Our set of 3 nested crates make transporting your collection a breeze (and come in several colors). Concert tees can be folded onto tables or hung from this spiral clothing display, while hats can be hung from our rotating tie rack.