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Vape Shop Display Ideas to Drive Sales

With the wide variety of vape paraphernalia and complementary merchandise available, showcasing your modest to expansive inventory is key. In fact, given the classic, ornate, and colorful designs of vapes, vaporizers, vape pens, e-cigarettes, e-cigs, hookah pens, and e-pipes, all of which describe electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), presentation is what will distinguish your vape shop from the competition. Here, vape display ideas for every budget that’ll grab your customer’s attention.

To get started, look at the type of vape items you have in stock and prioritize high-ticket items and the product promotion merchandise you would like to move. Next, organization is key, and displays will help. Curb clutter so customers can see and touch, if applicable, the merchandise. The following vape shop displays best showcase your inventory regardless of retail space size. Countertop display cases and wall mount display cases optimize waist-level and eye-level access to items, and LED lighting is always a good idea to spotlight products!

  • Vape Accessories Displays - One of the most popular items in any vape shop is the assortment of vaporizers, vape pens, e-cigs, and the like. Displaying them may be a challenge simply due to the vast variety. Presenting them in multi-unit displays by category, like material - glass, acrylic, ceramic, wood, etc. and featuring a selection via double or 5-slot vape displays is one effortless technique. Plus, these sturdy acrylic vape displays are available in frosted, smoke, and classic clear, as well as a variety of shapes and orientation – standing, curved, and angled – to position and promote products in any space configuration. Use multiple of the same color and shape for a clean crisp look or consider alternating smoke and clear for a sleek vibe.
  • Locking Display Cases and Cabinets - A must-have for any vape store, locking display cases and locking cabinets not only secure merchandise, but they may also be required by law. As laws and regulations vary by state, vape-related merchandise like vape juice and e-liquids contain nicotine must be stored behind the counter or in locked display cases. The good news, there are lots of designs and sizes to fit assorted products, including those with adjustable shelves. Simply select the ideal number of shelves – one through six, fixed or adjustable, and preferred lock and door orientation countertop and locking wall mount displays to maximize retail space and optimize visual impact.
  • Pedestals - Prominently placed merchandise grab deserved attention when featured on a pedestal. Customers are drawn to these items simply due to their perceived showcase status. Select pedestals by preference – color, material, height, wall pedestals , lighted pedestals, with acrylic cover or without, or economical price point. Secure your inventory with a locking option. Customized pedestals for unique spaces, size specifications, and branding options can be a cost-effective choice for any business, it is also a specialty of shopPOPdisplays.com.
  • Tube Holders - Highlight an array of vape pens and e-cigs with multi-function clear acrylic tube holders. These table top displays provide a neat and organized multi-unit display option that shows off your inventory without the clutter. Select an all-inclusive upright tube display box with built-in sign holder or without sign holder model that holds the product in place from top to bottom, a handy feature when moving the holder from countertop to acrylic risers, lighted display riser or lighted pedestal. Multi-unit tube displays are also available in sleek slanted models that fit any décor. This modern design has a dedicated space for signage sticker, brand, and logo customization option.
  • Acrylic Display Risers – Display risers are practically a requirement in all retail settings, however clear and color acrylic riser displays, not to mention customized brand, logo, color in a variety of shapes and sizes like acrylic cylinder, block, column, cube, mirrored, and more, can elevate vape accessories to garner more notice and sales. Perfect for compact spaces, cluster acrylic display risers at optimal angles to highlight a specific type or brand of vape pen, or to showcase box mod kits. Likewise, place your product of choice on a display riser with LED lighting to convert stares to sales.
  • Gravity Dispensers – With a space-saving silhouette and auto-fill feature, gravity dispenser displays replenish stock and always look full, something a retail shop always wants to convey. Plus, once a customer removes a tin, the next one takes its place, filling the space. This built-in inventory management feature is perfect for monitoring stock and prompting customers purchases.

Whatever vape displays you choose to showcase your vape merchandise and shop, you can confidently purchase quality in-stock and custom vape shop displays from shopPOPdisplays. We have vape shop display options for every budget. Simply mix-and-match countertop and wall mount locking display cases, acrylic display risers, vape displays, LED display risers, and more to create a look unique to your space and merchandising needs. Also, customization ensures your displays and locking display cases are one of a kind. shopPOPdisplays can make it happen for less. Contact us for assistance.

Common Vape Shop Questions

What is a vape shop?

A vape shop is a retail store specializing in the selling of electronic cigarette devices, electronic nicotine delivery systems, e-liquids, and accessories.

What are electronic nicotine delivery systems?

The US Food and Drug Administration defines it as "Vapes, vaporizers, vape pens, hookah pens, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or e-cigs), and e-pipes are some of the many terms used to describe electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). ENDS are noncombustible tobacco products." "These products use an e-liquid that may contain nicotine..." and "the liquid is heated to create an aerosol that the user inhales."

What are electronic cigarettes or e-cigs?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are battery-powered electronic nicotine delivery systems that emit vaporized vape juice or e-liquids to inhale.

What are vape pens?

Vape pens are similar to e-cigarettes but feature a larger refillable tank and can be customized with different accessories. They are the most popular type of vape device in the industry.

What are box mod kits?

Box mod kits are similar to vape pens but offer more power and customizations. Many feature electronic controls, larger batteries, and the largest variety of accessories. Box mod kits are aimed at the advanced vape user looking for a custom experience.

How to display vape juice and e-liquids?

Vape juice and e-liquids come in standard 30 mL, 60 mL, and 100 mL bottles. Since vape juice and e-liquids contain nicotine, they have to be stored behind the counter or in locked display cases. Shoppopdisplays has a wide variety of locking display cases designed specifically for vape juice and e-liquid bottles.

How to display e-cigarettes, vape pens, and box mod kits?

Because there are no standard shapes and sizes for these devices, the best way is to use an acrylic riser to showcase the wide variety of devices while maximizing retail counter space. Another option is a locking display case with adjustable shelves that can accommodate different sizes.