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For smoke shop owners everywhere, it is essential to make your storefront stand out against competition. shopPOPdisplays can help enhance, upgrade, and heighten the look of your smoke shop with quality smoke shop displays. From display cases, signage, custom banners and flags to vape stands-and e-cig display holders, our catalog of smoke shop displays cannot be beat.

Effective branding and advertising are integral to any successful smoke shop. That’s why it is important to have innovative custom signage solutions along with eye-catching flags and banners to attract attention to passerby traffic on the street. Everyone knows that smoke shops are filled with valuable and niche items specific to smokers and cannabis enthusiasts alike. Custom print banners that highlight key products like vapes, cannabis, concentrates, vaporizers, vape pens, CBD oils, and pipes will effectively broadcast your inventory. When designing marketing materials like signs, flags and banners, be sure to use colors that match your store’s aesthetic to showcase a clean, modern look that allows your consumers to peruse your goods with ease.

At shopPOPdisplays we have a wide range of vape stands and e-cig display holders to accommodate all your smoke shop’s leading products. Consumers often turn to smoke shops to purchase tobacco or regulated cannabis products. We have an assortment of smoke shop displays such as our acrylic 5 slot vape display and acrylic curved 5 slot vape display, that will neatly present your vaping products while also keeping them secure on your shelves. For high-end, age-restricted cannabis products, our acrylic locking wall mount display case with 5 adjustable shelves is a flexible way to secure items that warrant special purchasing permissions.

As we all know, countertop displays capture more consumer attention. Which is why we carry a wide assortment of countertop fixtures for your smoke shop. For on-demand, smaller items and gadgets such as lighter, matches, rolling papers and vape pen batteries, the ideal smoke shop displays would include our small and large 4 compartment acrylic dump bins and 5 shelf round knockdown display to properly merchandise all these accessories. If you are offering cannabis items and are looking to show off different strains of bud in an elegant fashion, consider our multifunctional led cannabis displays with fluorescent green inserts. You can also organize pipes and joint holders in our unique joint tube holder display with sign holder that not only make shopping easier, but also has space for additional product information in the sign holder. One of our customer favorite smoke shop displays is the minimally designed and spatially friendly 16 unit bowl holder display, ideally placed near the cash wrap area.

To call attention to valuable and fragile items, consider placing products on one of our laminate wall pedestal shelves to exhibit your product and keep it out of harm’s way. Other smoke shop items like hookahs, bongs, and novel glass smoking pieces can be highlighted on pedestals shelves.

For new consumers unfamiliar with your product offerings, meandering through your smoke shop may be a bit confusing, which is why having proper signage and labels is crucial. Consider labeling certain areas of your shop with snap frame led light box frames that help consumers navigate your products while also creating a compelling way to advertise your inventory.

Looking to promote your smoke shop at an expo, conference, or convention? We have all your trade show needs from custom table covers to flags, banners and portable displays. Advertising, branding, and branching out is a smart way to generate a healthy ROI and produce more exposure in a competitive market.

Whatever your business requirements, shopPOPdisplays has all your stock and custom smoke shop display needs covered. Contact us to speak with a display expert to learn more about how you can elevate the image and aesthetic of your smoke shop for less!
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ShopPOPdisplays can work with you to create innovative retail concepts that speaks your brand language, adheres to budget and drives sales. Our expertise in custom store designs extends to smoke shop retail displays. Our experienced team can answer your questions and help make your cannabis display ideas a reality. Contact us now to get started!

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