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Pop Up Shop Portable Retail Displays & Fixtures

Pop up, or portable, store displays can serve a lot of very important uses for retailers. They can be used to test out a new product or market category, generate buzz or sense of urgency among customers, and are also a quick way to earn extra revenue. Pop-up stores enable your retail brand to be ready and capable of marketing and selling anywhere your customer is willing to buy—at special events, within seasonal markets, temporary locations inside shopping malls, and even at stores-within-a-store. They’re much less expensive to set up and maintain than a traditional outlet is, so pop-up shops are also a great way for eCommerce e-tailers to venture into brick-and-mortar selling.
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What Is The Best Pop Up Format?

There are several choices of Pop Up store formats you can look into, and deciding which one is best will depend on your budget, the amount of merchandise you're selling and the experience you want your customers to have. Here are some options to consider:

  • Retail Store - Moving into a vacant store space
  • Mall - Set up your pop up shop at a mall, surrounded by other retailers
  • Booth - Launch a pop up store at events like fairs or festivals
  • Store space - Take advantage of shelf or table space within an existing store
  • Mobile - Use vehicles like trucks or buses as your store
  • Kiosk - setting up a modular, cubicle-like store front

Pop Up Shop Fixtures You Will Need

The key to attracting visitors to your portable pop-up shop and increasing brand awareness is to creatively use the right pop-up shop fixtures to attract customers with unforgettable design elements that will create an amazing display of your products.

  • Pop Up Pedestals - These pedestals are lightweight and easily collapsible, meaning they are specially designed so you can set them up and tear them down with ease. Made of high-quality, durable acrylic material, they are the perfect portable option for your next pop-up shop, and can be assembled in a matter of minutes without any hardware or tools, which is great for on-the-go. They are also fully customizable with special sizing, interior lighting and printing options available.
  • Gridwall Fixtures - Offer an inexpensive and attractive display option that can be assembled and torn down in minutes, and are perfect for pop-up shop displays featuring clothing, fashion accessories, artwork, handbags and more! The gridwall panels can be mounted on walls or attached to grid legs or bases to form freestanding units.
  • Slatwall Merchandiser - Freestanding slatwall merchandisers are the perfect, portable store display, as they are easy to maintain, and offer 2-4 display panel sides to showcase many types of products. Combine these with a wide range of pop-up shop fixtures like hooks, shelves, bins, eyewear holders and jewelry T-bars, and you gain the added versatility to create almost limitless combinations when designing your retail pop-up display.
  • Shelf Displays - Shelves are an immensely important pop-up store fixture, as they create room to display products and attract attention. Multi-level shelving has the added advantage of providing a self-standing unit that is easy to move, transport and store. The dividers provide great versatility, and these units can be customized in a variety of finishes to match the overall décor of your pop-up shop.
  • Pop-Up Shop Tables - Absolutely essential to the merchandising of any successful pop-up shop—tables display your products above the waist level, which is the best position to gain maximum focus and inspire impulse buying.
  • Tablet Stands - A great way to encourage interaction with your brand, tablet stands are a cool way to show interactive demos or videos to showcase your products or services. These floor-standing fixtures could even double as a checkout stand. They are as durable as a table, feature a heavy base to ensure stability, and are easy to assemble and transport as well.

At shopPOPdisplays, we offer a wide range of pop-up shop fixtures that are designed to be creative while also being lightweight and easily collapsible, empowering you to set up an attractive pop-up store with ease. Count on us to provide fast turnaround that gets your goods displayed as quickly as possible. Enjoy custom designs, great prices and capabilities to scale up to even the largest orders. Call our customer service number (1-888-285-1649) and connect to our design team so we can help you create one-of-a-kind, portable, pop-up displays.