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Winery Displays and Shelving

Your winery’s setting can be cool and modern or warm and rustic, but its goal is to ultimately share the fruits of its labor with others. (And by share, we mean make a sale after a guest sips a few different varietals in your tasting room.) That’s where presentation comes in. To catch the attention of both wine enthusiasts and engaged newcomers, you’ll need to consider your winery’s signage as well as your retail wine displays and wine shop shelving. By improving your guest experience in this way you’ll improve your sales. A visually appealing wine collection makes it easier for guests to find the bottles they want to bring home. If local laws allow, you may also sell wine adjacent products (wine glasses, bottle openers, wine flasks, publications, and books) as well as snacks (cheese, salumi, crackers, dips, and other foods)—all of which need to be displayed. To accommodate all those products, shopPOPdisplays carries a variety of stock and bespoke wine shop shelving and winery displays. Contact our experts, we can help customize displays for a variety of uses, styles, and budgets. Whether you are opening a new winery or updating an existing one, shopPOPdisplays has wine display products, accessories, and ideas that fit your retail and public spaces. View our selection and order today!
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Subcategories in Winery Displays and Shelving


Use Cases:

Here are a few ways to use shopPOPdisplays products and fixtures in various settings at your winery.
  • Tasting Rooms-
    Whether you have a separate room for tastings, a bar set up along the wall, a cozy furniture arrangement in the center of your retail space, or an outdoor patio overlooking your vineyard, make it a pleasure to pour a few glasses for visitors to try. Place handwritten signs that label the available wines in low-profile 1-1/2" acrylic block sign holders and put on the bar or tables in the room. Additionally, welcome quests to the tasting room while advertising your winery to people driving or walking by. A 31.5"w display banner with L frame single sided custom print or a custom-printed flag can direct guests to the room. Consider a simple “Tasting Room” message or a branded sign with logo.
  • Vineyards-
    A group of wooden barrels with a custom, branded sign set atop can welcome guests to the vineyard. A wooden post with an acrylic sign holder can provide information on self-guided winery tours or the grape varieties that are being grown. A post with a sign at the end of each row can bear the name of the grape and educate guests on the wine that it is used to produce.
  • Tour Routes-
    Place local winery maps in a medium oak 8 pocket wood brochure holder with acrylic holder near the entrance of your establishment. The promotional pieces show strong community support. You can also display in retail spaces or if you have one, an adjoining restaurant, to foster community support. Custom banners or flags can denote where groups meet for a tour of the vineyard.
  • Bars & Restaurants -
    If you have a bar or restaurant on your property, place winery maps, wine tour brochures, and leaflets for other local businesses in a medium oak 8 pocket wood brochure holder with acrylic holder on a table or countertop near the entrance. Guests (especially those from out of town) are accustomed to seeing such information in these displays and may look for them. In seating areas, enlist 1 1/2" acrylic block sign holders to label pours that are available or if the wine list is more extensive, place in a custom-printed 5x7 top loading acrylic sign holder that will be easy to view and easy to update.
  • Bathrooms -
    Half wood barrels placed against a bathroom wall or hallway can hold necessities for guests while continuing a rustic winery aesthetic. Place corks in acrylic cylinder risers. Also, don’t miss the opportunity of a captive audience (washing hands at sinks, waiting in line for a stall) and use acrylic frames and sign holders to announce upcoming events at the winery.
  • Retail Store -
    While it’s trendy for wine shops and wineries to have dramatic floor-to-ceiling walls stocked with wine, you also want customers and guests to have easy access to bottles for purchase. And for that, you will need wine shop shelving. Our 4 tray tilt shelf display with dividers can be placed against a wall to create a built-in look (if you don’t have the aforementioned display wall) or they can be arranged away from the wall and in rows, creating aisles similar to a wine shop. Each unit comes with two packs of dividers to slot into the bins, allowing you to customize the display to suit your specific needs.

Wine Display Tips & Ideas

At shopPOPdisplays, we carry an assortment of winery displays and wine shop shelving. Below are a few display tips and ideas for your retail and public spaces.

Wood Barrels and Displays – Barrels have traditionally been used for aging liquor so they’re right at home in a winery. Their use is practically limitless. Corral sale or featured bottles in a wood barrel. A wood barrel with a food safe liner can hold ice to chill a few bottles of white or rosé when you want to move product and get it seen from behind cooler doors. You can even create a wall of shelving with the barrels by stacking cedar barrels on their sides within a large frame to keep them from rolling. Each barrel can hold a different varietal.

Signage – Cheers to custom signage that will drive sales. Showcase your brand with a variety of custom signage, from chalkboard signs, easels, countertop sign holders and wall-mounted sign holders.

Banners and Flags – A custom printed canvas display banner can serve many purposes at a winery: it can announce/promote events such as wine tastings, tours, and festivals; provide directions from the parking lot to the tasting room; announce operating hours or tour times; and more. They’re easy to assemble and even easier to store since they don’t take up much space.

Portable Displays – Wineries often do double duty as event spaces so it makes sense to have fixtures that can be easily moved when necessary. A 3 tier acrylic display shelf can showcase current selections and be moved easily when necessary. A custom display banner with L frame can get any message across and help make your space flexible for any occasion.

Literature Holders – A prominently placed medium oak 8 pocket wood brochure holder with acrylic holder can promote your winery’s offerings; the different types of grapes you grow; monthly wine clubs, seasonal vineyard tours, local winery maps, and more.

Retail Store DisplaysWood barrels can hold wine club offerings, featured wine, and new/special releases while our 4 tray tilt shelf display with dividers shelving can hold your inventory.

At shopPOPdisplays we provide a wide range of displays for wineries and wine shops. Whether you’re displaying varietal from your vineyards or accessories for wine aficionados, we have many eye-catching displays to fit your needs. From signage to wood barrels and shelving displays, our supply of high-quality wooden and acrylic products are always competitively priced. If you have specific requirements, we are always ready to provide custom-sized or custom-printed products, so contact us today.