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Church Displays, Portable Church Pulpits and More

ShopPOPdisplays is trusted for our display expertise in retail markets, but that expertise is also applicable to religious institutions. No matter the size of your building or congregation, or type of religious institution—church, mosque, temple, synagogue, etc.—we have a variety of stock and custom church displays to create or refresh your house of worship.

For sermons, shopPOPdisplays offers a selection of church pulpits and church lecterns. Our solid wood podiums are constructed with real wood and quality wood veneers. They are available in oak, cherry, and mahogany with options including sound systems, wireless microphones, lighting, and congregation-facing displays to fit the exact needs of your sermons. For a sleek, modern look, we also offer clear acrylic podiums, pulpits, and lecterns. Lightweight, yet durable, they match many different aesthetics. They can also be custom printed with a religious symbol or graphic. For classrooms, traveling, or smaller spaces and budgets, tabletop podiums—available in both wood or acrylic—are affordable and effective alternatives to full-sized options.

A chancel or stage also benefits from our church displays. ShopPOPdisplays has an expansive catalog of quality displays for your house of worship, including display cases, display pedestals, literature holders, locking acrylic boxes for donations, ballot boxes, and more. See below for some of our in-stock church displays in addition to church pulpits and church lecterns. For more information on custom options contact our team.

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Acrylic Displays for Organization and Exhibition in Church Spaces

Acrylic is a great choice for houses of worship because it is a highly durable and shatter-resistant material that requires minimal maintenance. Our craftspeople and engineers have been designing church displays and other items for decades. Here’s a look at a few of the ways they can be utilized in various spaces.

Worship Spaces

Freestanding and portable church pulpits and lecterns are mainstays in houses of worship, giving rooms a focal point and speakers a space for notes, drinks, what-have-you. A central worship space may also need church display cases or display pedestals to protect and/or draw attention to objects of value, literature holders, acrylic boxes, and signage holders of various types and sizes. Ballot boxes may be used as suggestion or donation collection points instead. And pulpit banners, flags and portable displays are a great way to share inspirational words, phrases and quotes throughout the room, or simply advertise upcoming events.

Event Spaces

From sacred rituals to community celebrations, houses of worship host all types of events where organization and exhibition come into play. If a wedding is in store, acrylic risers and specialty serving displays can add a beautiful and functional touch to tables. If fundraising is central to your mission, an acrylic raffle drum can come in handy. The pulpit banners mentioned above are also quite useful in terms of focusing attention. Check out our wedding and events pages for inspiration both practical and fanciful.

Classrooms and Meeting Spaces

The aforementioned portable church pulpits and lecterns are equally useful in classrooms and meeting spaces. Acrylic boxes and trays are essential for corralling pencils, bingo cards and other small items. Freestanding or wall-mounted signage and poster holders are perfect for wayfinding, showcasing artwork and announcing upcoming events.

Kitchens and Common Areas

As in a private home, the kitchens and common areas in houses of worship host a mishmash of everyday items, occasional or special use items, and images and ephemera that reflect the lives of the people using the space. Here, the name of the game is keeping the space organized yet functional and comfortable. shopPOPdisplays is a great resource for all types of acrylic storage and church display products, from boxes and display cases to helpful food service items, trays and fixtures for organizing all types of things, and signage/poster holders.

Finding the Right Pulpit or Lectern:

For Religious, Educational, Government, and Professional Institutional Settings

Commanding the attention of the congregation from the church pulpit, in a meeting room, or conference center is a non-issue with a sturdy and handsome mahogany podium or lectern with sound system. These all-inclusive podiums can be used in municipal buildings for meeting rooms, small claims court, board of education meetings, library lectures, senior centers, and of course religious institutions. Select slimline church lecterns, or standalone church pulpit styles then simply invite the congregation, attendees, patrons, citizens, parents, students, and more. Ideal for higher education, institutional settings, large event venues, cavernous halls, or where sound may be an issue.

For Multipurpose Rooms and Temporary Locations

Turn multipurpose rooms or temporary meeting accommodations into a professional setting with sturdy yet lightweight tabletop podiums and lecterns in décor-neutral clear acrylic or warm mahogany wood. Ideal for impromptu lectures, speaking engagements, poetry or book readings, these multifunction tabletop lecterns and podiums are equally at home being used as church lecterns as they are for student debates. shopPOPdisplays has a variety of styles to choose from.

For Spaces of Distinction

Make an impression with wooden podiums and lecterns in your houses of worship, meetings spaces, conference rooms, event venues, libraries, schools, restaurants (think steakhouse reservations/reception station), clubhouses, and more. Equipped with or without microphones or sound systems, these common church displays effortlessly transition from venue to venue. Whether it’s an all-inclusive standalone lectern with or without sound system, slimline lecterns, or tabletop styles these podiums, lecterns, and pulpits stand out.

For Multifunctional Décor-Neutral Settings

Attractive acrylic podiums, pulpits, and lecterns perform in every situation, from use as a church lectern and house of worship pulpits, to conference center or event venue podiums, healthcare center forums, lectures, and classes to restaurant or hospitality usage, clubhouses, and more. Clean and clear, acrylic lecterns are available in assorted styles – with mixed materials like aluminum stands, and more. Best of all, acrylic is an ideal material for customization of institution, congregation, corporate, or individual venue branding opportunities.

A Quick Word About Cleaning Acrylic

Everyday care consists of using a clean, soft cloth to wipe the museum display surface—one that’s dedicated solely to this purpose to avoid scratches. If a little more oomph is needed, chemical- and fragrance-free dish soap and water are preferred, because using common household and glass cleaners such as window cleaner, ammonia products and others comprising chemical compounds can damage acrylic objects. NEVER use a solvent to remove grease, grime, adhesive or sticky substances on the surface. For more information, visit our Acrylic Care and Cleaning page.