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Tabletop Lecterns, Podiums, And Pulpits

When looking for a public speaking piece that’s both functional and more portable, the tabletop lectern can't be beat! Ideal for those who need to travel from event to event, for impromptu speaking, or just because there isn’t enough space, a table top podium can provide you the means to keep not only your notes organized, but keep your audiences' attention as well. Compact, and cheaper to ship, desk podiums are affordable and effective alternative to their full-sized counterparts. See below to find out which desktop podium suits your needs!

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If you need to deliver an important speech or conduct a meeting but are short on space, a table top podium is just the thing you need. Used at company events, in classrooms, or small meeting areas, a tabletop lectern provides a decided size advantage while still managing to keep the usefulness and functionality of its larger cousins.
Designed and built with that familiar shopPOPdisplays quality, each of our desktop podiums will provide exactly what you need. Perhaps you’re a traveling speaker going from even to event, and need something small for presenting your speech? Maybe you don’t want to have to keep and store a full-sized stand? Opting for the smaller desk podiums can satisfy both of those needs, yet they will deliver just as any full-size lectern. Since these units are smaller, they will also keep shipping costs down, either from us or if you have to ship a lectern from one place to another more often than not.