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Football Display Cases

Don't leave your prized football in a position to hit the disabled list – trust shopPOPdisplays to offer the best in football display cases. Our protection is unmatched, with specifically designed cases to keep your signed championship game ball as pristine as the day you got it. Each football case display is made with strong acrylic, and the clear box top keeps your football easily seen and safe. If you want to score a touchdown with your next football case, trust shopPOPdisplays to take it to the house!

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Our football display box is engineered to be the perfect home for your prized football. Have a used game ball? A signed championship team ball? A ball from your winning youth team? Keep it safe and preserved with our football cube! Made of all acrylic, each box and base set perfectly houses your favorite pigskin. Our football display cubes keep your cherished footballs centered and safe. Don’t let you favorite memory run the risk of getting sacked – choose a shopPOPdisplays football display box today!