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Wood Barrels And Displays

Rustic. Quaint. Whimsical. Evoke farmhouse charm with the unrefined elegance of handmade wood retail display barrels. Reminiscent of a day in the country, the aroma of vegetables in an old wooden bucket or perhaps a freshly baked pie. No matter what you choose to display in or on them, shopPOPdisplays offers a selection of half and whole cedar display wood barrels in numerous colors and finishes to compliment your merchandise in classic or entirely unexpected ways.

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Our wood barrels' rustic charm are perfect for showcasing handmade goods or natural produce.

  • All wood barrels are available unfinished/natural or finished in a choice of colorful stains.
  • Cedar wood barrels are handmade using cedar staves and oak bands.
  • Options include
    • whole wood barrels
    • false bottom display wood barrels
    • cedar wood half barrels
    • wood barrels with cut out
  • Accessories include cedar wood barrel lids and food safe barrel liners.
Our wood barrels and displays are made to order. Please contact us for more information regarding customization!

Using Wooden Display Barrels for Rustic Product Displays

Wooden display barrels can be used to create an authentic rustic style for product displays in your store. Wooden display barrels are reminiscent of general store displays that take consumers back to a time when life was simple. Perfect to fill with produce, soaps, candy, flowers, accessories, condiments, and so much more, these multipurpose wooden display barrels provide a warm, farm-fresh feel to any environment, creating an optimal in-store customer experience.

Popular Storefronts Using Wooden Display Barrels and Retail Displays

Wooden display barrels work great in almost any retail environment that exudes a country, rural, or rustic aesthetic. They are popular in grocery stores, delis, gift shops, farmer's markets, craft suppliers, and fairs, antique shops, garden supply stores, and so much more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to visual merchandising, since wooden barrels add texture and warmth to your goods without calling attention to themselves.

Customizable Options for Wooden Retail Displays

One of the biggest advantages of wooden retail displays is how well they can be custom-tailored to your retail set-up. Available in a range of designs and sizes, they can be finished with a color or stain that matches your store's décor and even personalized with a logo. Wooden retail displays offer an old time, rustic charm that are often optimal for showcasing your merchandise, to help boost retail sales. All our wood retail displays can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements and elevate the look and feel of your products.