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Lighted Pedestals

Illuminate your decor with our wide selection of lighted pedestals. Available in laminate and wood compositions, our lighted pedestal stands come in a variety of styles and heights. Showcase your valuables or artwork with our top-lit LED surface pedestals or fully lit pedestal bases. Whether you're deciding on the clean brilliance of standard white LED or the vibrance of multicolored LED, you'll enjoy the dimmer option on both models. You can easily adjust the settings for our popular multicolored LED Lighted pedestals with the convenience of a remote-control. Built to be long-lasting, our LED lighted pedestals are also available with acrylic covers to enhance and protect your items on display.

If you are interested in customizing your lighted display pedestal with a unique color, finish, custom printing, or engraving options, contact us for more details on how to get started.

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Lighted Pedestal Use Cases

Retail: Use lighted pedestals to highlight any retail products. Illuminating a special item that is high-end or on promotional sale can help accentuate the object and effortlessly draw consumer attention to it. Such products include fine jewelry, accessories, leather goods, professional cookware, and ceramics.

Art Galleries: Lighted pedestals can be used to dramatically change the look and feel of any art on display. Perfect for glass sculptures as well as pottery and ceramics, lighting helps to capture the unique essence of each piece.

Museums: Like art galleries, lighted pedestals can be used to help museum visitors focus their attention on the detail of sculptures, ancient artifacts, and other collectibles. The illumination of items will accentuate details that may otherwise go unseen.

Corporate Setting: Whether your business is looking to highlight awards, artwork, or honorary plaques, lighted pedestals can add a professional and distinguished look to these noteworthy pieces that may otherwise blend into the background.

Lobby/Waiting Areas: Whether placed in a professional institution, medical facility, or educational institution, lobby and waiting areas are excellent areas to show off awards and other honors. Placing these objects within a lighted pedestal is a wonderful way to convey the achievements of a company to guests and visitors.

Cannabis Dispensaries: From showing off the latest vape pens to accentuating the detail of artisan glass bowls, lighted pedestals are an effective way to promote cannabis goods and provide consumers with dazzling details that’ll convert to sales.

Galleries: From photographs, drawing, to sculptures, enhancing any type of medium under lighted pedestals will assuredly help protect its quality and accentuate its presentation. This will allow guests to connect with the piece being displayed.

Trade Shows: Regardless of what you are promoting at your next trade show, lighted pedestals are a wonderful focal point to display the subject at hand. From cookware to musical instruments, lighted pedestals can be used for highlighting almost any object and help draw eye-catching attention to that item among competitors.

Events: Whether trade shows or wedding expos, lighted pedestals promoting products to sell to visitors are a necessity. These lighted display cases keep costly items like wedding veils, rings, and garments protected while also highlighting their intricate details.

Home: We all have collectibles that we adore. Why not highlight them? Lighted pedestals are perfect for heirlooms, awards, and other expensive novelties that can brighten up home spaces.

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