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Answering All of Your Display Questions

Display Cases

We offer a wide variety of display cases. From bins to risers, covers and cases, boxes with lids and locks, to ballot boxes and specialty styles, we have a diverse and quality selection. >>>

Lighted display cases can be used anywhere, including museums and galleries, office and corporate settings, retail stores, boutiques and shops, restaurants and bakeries, exhibitions, events and more. >>>

Display cases are most commonly used for showcasing awards, art, sculptures, antiques, collectible items, jewelry, food, and sports memorabilia. >>>

Cleaning acrylic displays should consist of wipe-cleaning with a soft rag or cloth while using a non-abrasive cleaner such as the Novus product line. >>>

Our acrylic boxes are water resistant but not waterproof. >>>

Our acrylic display boxes are manufactured at our New Jersey facility by our experienced professional team of fabricators and craftsmen. >>>


Pedestals come in all shapes, colors, materials, and styles. Common pedestals include floor standing pedestals, table-top laminate pedestals, acrylic pedestals, and wood pedestals. >>>

Pedestals place items at the ideal height to focus attention on your items without appearing to take up visual space. >>>

There are several factors to be considered when choosing sculpture pedestals, including sculpture size, placement, viewing perspective, and more. >>>

Pedestals can grab customer attention through color, style, placement, and more, making them perfect for point-of-purchase displays. >>>

Sneeze Guards & Barriers

An acrylic sneeze guard or shield is a physical barrier that is used to protect products and maintain cleanliness in workspaces and public spaces. >>>

We use high-quality acrylic, also known as Perspex, for sneeze guards. >>>

We offer barriers, table dividers, hanging sneeze guards, floor dividers and much more. >>>

To clean your sneeze guard, follow our five-step process that includes choosing the right cleaning products, removing dirt and labels, and avoiding overcleaning. >>>

Acrylic can be recycled but there are many factors at play including type of plastic, where to recycle, and costs. >>>


Display risers are stands that help showcase a product and can be used for countertop organization, merchandise displays, museum displays, and more. >>>

Display risers come in a number of sizes and encompass a variety of forms, such as pedestals, u-shaped, tiered steps, columns, solid blocks, and more. >>>

Risers can be made from various materials. At shopPOPdisplays, we focus on creating acrylic risers. Acrylic is also known as plexiglass or Lucite. >>>

How Tos

It is important to use weatherproofing material to protect your sign from fading in the sun, colors running in the rain or snow, or any other harsh elements. >>>

To display jewelry, you need to highlight the aesthetic beauty in a manner that maximizes their inherent, individual qualities—and making them hard to forget. >>>

Sculptures and free-standing objects may require vertical display cases or pedestals while objects, small prints, photographs, books and paper-based art are often elegantly displayed within or without cases. >>>

Endcaps are one of the most important tools in a visual merchandiser’s toolbox and can improve brand image and increase sales. They must be designed with customers in mind. >>>

A clear acrylic display case perfectly fits most standard-size jerseys and even includes a lock for extra security. >>>

Displaying your memorabilia is often as important as the items themselves. From seashells to sports memorabilia to antiques and legos there are a lot of options out there to make your collection shine. >>>

Cannabis retailers are in the business of selling experiences and how products are displayed can make or break sales. That means the need for a well-orchestrated cannabis display strategy. >>>