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Custom Acrylic Boxes

A big specialty at shopPOPdisplays is our ability to make custom acrylic boxes and cases that are just right for your needs. These boxes are perfect for use as bins, trays, pedestals, risers, or covers. We have an extensive library of 5-Sided Acrylic Boxes for you to choose from.

However, sometimes there is an in-between size or dimension for your acrylic display box we don't normally have in stock. Lucky for you, we are one of the largest custom acrylic box sellers and will work to expertly craft the customized plastic box in the quantities you need. These custom boxes are made of genuine acrylic, the common name for plexiglass (also called Perspex). It is similar to lucite. All of these materials are types of plastic.

Each custom acrylic box can be made in any size from small to large, is carefully constructed and comes in the popular colors: clear, black and white. Clear acrylic display cases are our most popular color option since the transparent box shows off what is inside. We consider ourselves your manufacturer and supplier of custom acrylic boxes and for any type of product presentation out there. We offer items for sale wholesale nationwide direct from our factories. Feel free to contact us for personalized assistance and order placement, or use the link below to set the dimensions and order online.

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Custom Acrylic Boxes

Whenever someone has precise dimensions for their 5-Sided Acrylic Boxes, we have the technical knowledge and fabrication methods to get you the personalized custom-made boxes you need whether they be small or large in size. In addition, as a benefit to our customers, we’ve simplified the ordering process with our Custom Box order page that allows you to give us all the details needed to get your order right. Choose your height, width, length, and wall thickness, and we can match the specifications you need for your big or small custom plastic, plexiglass or lucite boxes accurately and without hassles. We’ll work to get your order perfect the first time, so we can earn your trust as your go-to customization source.

These custom-made items are made to order by our skilled craftsmen and typically ship in 4 to 6 business days. Contact us if you need your order sooner and we will try our best to accommodate you (additional RUSH fees may apply). As with all custom orders, these customized plastic boxes are non-returnable. For a more in-depth explanation of our capabilities or return policies, or if you just need ordering assistance, feel free to get in touch with us right away. We are an experienced manufacturer and supplier that can handle large or small orders with all levels of complexity!

In what ways can shopPOPdisplays customize acrylic & plexiglass boxes?

Our team at shopPOPdisplays offers personalized service and has a variety of customization capabilities that we offer for our acrylic and plexiglass boxes, including customized sizes, printing, and engraving. We can make your custom acrylic box in any size, in a variety of colors, with any monogram or design you would like on your acrylic display box, and we can assure your order is filled in a timely manner, too.

What are the benefits of Custom Acrylic Display Cases and Boxes?

There are many benefits to putting your merchandise or collectibles in clear custom acrylic display cases and boxes. They will protect your object on display while also offering a chic look and clear presentation for your audience. Your product or item can be easily examined from all angles by your customers and clients. Our Plexiglass (also called Perspex) boxes or cases help keep everything inside them free of dirt and debris. Your shopPOPdisplay custom acrylic boxes are also extremely helpful in keeping your items safe in high-traffic environments. Because it’s transparent, a customized, clear acrylic display case or box can also blend into any decor style and space. Contact us to learn more!