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Display Cases for Collectibles

A recent survey found more than 6 in 10 Americans consider themselves to be collectors. Coins, toys, and trading cards top the items collected, but the list of items people collect is vast. What’s more, some of us collect as a hobby, while others collect purely as an investment. The one thing these pursuits have in common: they all need collectible display cases.

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Subcategories in Display Cases for Collectibles


Different types of collections require different display cases for collectibles. For instance, sneakers and handbags can be stowed in acrylic boxes; two-dimensional items (stamps, postcards, ticket stubs) can be arranged in protective acrylic frames; models (cars, trains, boats) can be kept safe in a collectible display cabinet; and sports memorabilia like jerseys, balls, trophies, and medals require a variety of collectibles display cases—acrylic jersey display case, acrylic football display case, wall mount display cases, and display pedestals are all available to make a sports fan proud. Whether hobby or business venture, shopPOPdisplays has what you need to keep your collectibles safe and organized. Contact our team today. We’ll gladly assist you!

Collectible Display Ideas

Collectibles run the gamut from antiques and art to handbags and high-end sneakers. No matter the collection, part of the fun of is showing it off. At shopPOPdisplays, we carry a variety of display cases for collectibles. Below, we’ve curated some creative ideas to showcase collectibles using a few of our products.


A collectible display cabinet, such as our 4' Wide Wooden Lighted Floor Standing Display Case with Sliding Doors and Mirrored Back can house an array of dolls, whether you have a passion for porcelain bisque or Barbie®. This collectible display case includes adjustable shelves to accommodate dolls of different heights as well as lights to showcase your collection at night. If you have a few dolls you want to feature, our acrylic display box 6"H x 9"W x 9"L with white base can highlight individual dolls.

Trains, planes, and automobiles

Save space, make a statement, and organize models by erecting display shelves for collectibles along the walls of your space, whether home or business. An impressive collection will garner appreciative glances and gawkers alike. Lack wall space or have a smaller collection? Die-cast cars and larger-sized model cars, trains, or ships can be housed in our hex shaped showcase display tower with lighting and shelves to make a statement. 

Trading Cards

Maintain the value of your trading cards with protective collectible display cases for up-close inspectors and card aficionados to admire the details. Alternately, place the cards in a collectible display cabinet, such as our acrylic 3-shelf sliding back case for a look-but-don’t-touch level of security.

Sports Memorabilia

Show off baseballs—whether they are signed by pros or collected from your little leaguer’s home runs—in a jar or clear acrylic cylinder. Have a football fan in the house? An acrylic football display case will keep the keepsake safe. Transform a fan-favorite sports jersey into wall art by displaying in an acrylic jersey display case with clear back. We have a wide variety of sports display cases for memorabilia.

Medals and Trophies

Accomplishments add up fast. Share your successes by displaying sports medals or military awards in a frame or shadow box. Our wall mounted acrylic shadow box offers a modern aesthetic while displaying and protecting your prized collection. Trophies can be given the first-place status they deserve on a lighted display case.


Skip the cardboard shoe boxes and show off an impressive collection of kicks by lining them up on open shelves, or stack acrylic boxes and acrylic cubby display cubes to provide dust protection. Sneaker aficionados and retailers can also utilize slatwall shelves or a gridwall system.

Postage stamps

Smaller, two-dimensional collectibles, such as postage stamps, matchbook covers, ticket stubs, and vintage postcards, can be arranged in a framed display case or a flat locking display case. The acrylic cover will protect the stamps from dust and sunlight.


Short on space at home or want to highlight a few varietals in a retail shop or winery? Create a farm-style  wine bar by using a single window cedar barrel. The spacious cut-out at the top of the cedar barrel safely holds wine bottles while the window cutout on the side can hold a bottle opener and wine glasses (and a few more bottle).


Vinyl, books, movies and more can look like clutter instead of a curated collection. While bookcases and shelves are a traditional solution for storing all types of media, photo ledges offer an updated way to feature a favorite read or listen. Creating a gallery wall using covers (from albums, books, a movie posters) is also a fashionable way to show off your finds. Place them in acrylic for easy maintenance and sustained value.

ShopPOPdisplays carries a variety of collectible display cases, including acrylic boxes, display pedestals, lighted cases, and more. View our stock and customizable selection and order today! Contact us with any questions or for more information.