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Slatwall Shelves

Are you looking for an effective way to display your product that will draw the attention of your customer? Slatwall shelving makes it simple to present your product on shelves and is a versatile selling tool. Acrylic Slatwall Shelves are made especially for your slatwall fixture system. Our high-quality slatwall accessories such as shelves, pockets and holders come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to perfectly accomodate the items you're showing off.

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What are the different types of slatwall shelves?

Shoppopdisplays carries a wide selection of slatwall shelves. The two most common types are metal and acrylic slatwall shelves. Metal slatwall shelves offer the most value while acrylic slatwall shelves offer a premium aesthetic.

What are the different styles of acrylic slatwall shelves?

Clear acrylic slatwall shelves are often called floating slatwall shelves because the clear acrylic gives the illusion of items floating in the air. We also carry slatwall shelves with lip as well as J-shaped slatwall shelves.