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Covered And Pull Off Lid Acrylic Boxes

shopPOPdisplays offers a wide selection of acrylic boxes with lids and covered boxes. Made of 100% clear acrylic, our plastic boxes combine style and strength to form the ultimate package. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors or find the perfect box set to fit your needs. Acrylic boxes are perfect for retail, the office, at home, or any place where effective storage capabilities are needed.

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Our acrylic box with removable cover are some of the most versatile display pieces found on the market today. Combining strength, function, and versatility, one would be hard-pressed to find a situation where you can’t use one of our plastic box with removable lid. Find uses at home, in the office, schools, hospitals, doctors offices, in retail shops; anywhere where you want to keep contents enclosed, yet still accessible! Use our plastic box with cover as a dump bin, or a quick display box. If you have a need for a storage box, our acrylic box with removable cover can not only fit the bill, it’ll store it too!