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Acrylic U-Shaped Risers

At shopPOPdisplays, we carry the all of the classic acrylic u-shaped risers that have been available over the years, but what sets us apart are our size options. Available in clear, black , and frosted, these acrylic tabletop retail risers come in sizes as small as 2 inches or over a foot long and are a must have for any retail setting. Our goal is to provide you the means to properly display all items and cater to as many needs as possible. Scroll down through our selection of acrylic countertop display u shaped risers below to see how we meet those goals!

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What are the Benefits of U-Shaped Acrylic Risers?

Display risers come in many different forms, but few are as iconic as acrylic u-shaped risers. These risers are sturdy, dependable, simplistic in design, and in use. Instead of just laying your wares strewn about a table, increase visibility and the attractiveness of your display with acrylic table top risers! Acrylic countertop display risers allow users to display their goods at varying heights, depending on the risers they have in their possession. The advantage of this is propping up smaller items - like jewelry, candles, crafts, knick-knacks – onto acrylic u-shaped risers so they don’t get lost in larger goods you may have. Available in black, frosted, and clear acrylic, you won’t have trouble matching our risers with your products.

How Can U-Shaped Acrylic Risers be Used for Product Display?

You can use acrylic tabletop risers in a variety of different fashions – if you have any number of sizes that run from big to small, you can fit each riser to form an attractive stair step combination. Another common use is to have them separate, letting each piece be its own riser and making any arrangement that works for you. The combinations are endless and it’s this adaptability that’s truly makes acrylic u-shaped risers shine. Find out for yourself!

What are the Benefits of U-Shaped Acrylic Risers?

U-shaped acrylic risers have several factors that help elevate your visual display efforts. Available in several sizes, they are excellent for prominently showcasing items such as jewelry, crafts, collectibles, pottery, and more. Versatile in design, they can be used individually, or different sizes can be nested together and used to create a striking multi-faceted display. Acrylic risers are also more durable than their glass counterparts, perfect for high-traffic retail environments.

What are Some Display Ideas for U-Shaped Acrylic Risers?

U-shaped acrylic risers are ideal for retailers and merchants looking to showcase precious items. Use them to create more eye-catching presentations, accentuate the beauty of watches, jewelry, perfume bottles, collectibles, miniatures, models, dolls, and more. These versatile risers can be nested together for an elegant staggered look or positioned individually for a more striking display. Available in a variety of sizes, u-shaped acrylic risers can be placed on top of tables, countertops, and are perfect for on-the-go display needs such as craft fair and trade show displays.

Why Should You Use Retail Risers?

Retail risers are essential to use in visual merchandising because they easily elevate products and catch the eyes of consumers. They are a top pick for uniquely highlighting products. They are versatile and can hold a wide range of items including jewelry, perfumes, collectibles, dolls, specialty food items, and more. Useful in stores across industries, retail risers can be used to call attention to impulse items and can be placed on the counter or shelves near the checkout register to help your customers notice last minute finds. Retail risers are often used in stores to create elegant, eye-catching presentations that catch customer attention without limiting visibility into your products.