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Mirrored Risers

Have all the benefits of our acrylic risers, now with a mirrored surface! Our mirrored risers are ideal for seamlessly displaying catered foods, fine jewelry, scented candles or other finery that help to present your items from multiple angles. Use our mirrored risers together as nesting displays or arrange them yourself as standalone objects. The versatility of acrylic mirrored risers allows for some breathtaking displays – take yours to the next level!

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At shopPOPdisplays, we provide the most comprehensive lineup of display items and lead the market in mirrored pieces. Part of that lineup is our acrylic mirrored risers – these risers allow for the display of your finest items and give off multiple viewing angles not found when using common risers. These mirrored risers also make excellent catering displays! Elegant and beautiful to look at, these risers will turn your display case or tabletop into a can’t-miss item showcase. Our acrylic mirrored display risers are made entirely out of reflective acrylic, meaning no glass and no mess. Lightweight, affordable, and a safer alternative, our acrylic mirrored risers are the go to choice for elegant display enhancement.

What are Mirrored Risers Used For?

Mirrored risers can be used for a pleathora of reasons. They are perfect for displaying catered food, floral arrangements, jewelry, sculptures, and art that can be showcased and viewed from multiple angles. Mirrored risers can be arranged as nesting displays or as standalone objects inside of retail, restauraunt, and gallery exhibits.

What Kind of Items are Commonly Displayed on Mirrored Risers?

Mirrored risers are the perfect display piece to present from multiple angles. Some objects that are popularly displayed on mirrored risers include jewelry, flowers, antiques, ornaments, sculptures, food, candles, and other novelties. Elegant and timeless, our risers will truly elevate your items on display.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Mirrored Risers?

Elegant and beautiful to look at, our acrylic mirrored risers have a multitude of benefits. Our acrylic mirrored risers are made entirely out of reflective acrylic which means you can show off your product from multiple angles and capture reflections from the top, front, and bottom of items. In addition to showing off all aspects of a product, mirrors can be used to exaggerate space and make small areas appear larger. Lightweight, affordable, and a safer alternative than mirrored glass, our acrylic mirrored risers will help you create a standout display enhancement.