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Cannabis Dispensary Displays

At shopPOPdisplays, we bring our expertise in quality display solutions to the burgeoning cannabis dispensary and retail business. Our new lines of cannabis, CBD oil, tinctures, edibles, vaping and paraphernalia acrylic displays are beautiful, sturdy, and practical.

These cannabis displays are designed to provide state-of-the-art solutions to our customers serving the medical marijuana and recreational marijuana industries. Locking cases and cabinets will keep your inventory secure for a wide variety of products without interfering in the shopper experience of your clients. Our patent-pending "unseal/reseal with a twist" bud jars allow your customers to experience terpene aromas without opening the pods or handling the product.

Browse below for cannabis containers, display cases, trays, and jars or contact our team for custom options.
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Ask us about customizing your new dispensary counter displays with your company logo that can be printed or engraved on most pieces.

We also deliver a complete line of stock and custom acrylic display boxes, risers, pedestals, literature/sign holders and frames. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exactly what you want — from choosing colors to custom engraving or custom printing. shopPOPdisplays will be your one source for delivering beautiful cannabis dispensary and retail display solutions at great prices.

Custom Retail Store Designs

shopPOPdisplays can work with you to create innovative retail concepts that speak your brand language, adheres to budget, and drives sales. Our experienced team can answer your questions and help take your ideas to reality. Contact us now to get started!

What is a marijuana or cannabis dispensary?

Marijuana or cannabis dispensaries are retail storefronts where a person can purchase cannabis and cannabis-related items for medical or recreational use. These retail stores are regulated by local government laws which vary by location.

What do marijuana or cannabis dispensaries sell?

The number one item marijuana or cannabis dispensaries sell is cannabis concentrates. Cannabis or marijuana concentrates are also called "dabs" and include wax, shatter, and oils. Other popular items are edibles, resins, vape pens, pre-rolls, and beverages.

How to open a marijuana or cannabis dispensary?

While laws differ from state to state, contacting the state for a new dispensary application is generally the first step. The cannabis industry is highly regulated in every state so do your due diligence before applying.

How to market your marijuana or cannabis dispensary?

Marketing and advertising are regulated and restricted so consult with your local laws. There are also restrictions for marijuana and cannabis-related content on paid online and social media advertising.

How to display marijuana and cannabis products?

There is a large number of products available, so maximizing your retail space is essential. Use shelving, countertop displays, and tall riser displays to maximize the number of products visible to customers. It’s important to showcase a large selection and keep it organized.

How to display marijuana flowers and cannabis buds?

The best way to store and display marijuana flowers and cannabis buds is in clear airtight containers. Many retailers start out using glass mason jars commonly used for food storage. Sophisticated retailers prefer cannabis-specific pods with features like smell ports, security tape/wire, and LED lights to enhance the customer experience.