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Customers aren’t just headed towards thrift stores and consignment shops to save—it is also a great way to live a more sustainable life. So it’s not surprising that while the market size is valued at $36 billion today, it is forecast to reach $77 billion in five years.

Whether you’re selling clothing, accessories, jewelry, books, or home goods (or all of them in the same place!), keeping your inventory organized is a crucial part of the sales process. Luckily, shopPOPdisplays has a wide array of thrift store display options that can help your thrift store or consignment shop make customers feel like they’re browsing through a traditional department store. For more information on customized displays – size, color, logo, brand – contact our customer service team.

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Thrift Store Display Ideas

There were more than 25,000 consignment shops in the country in 2021, making for a multi-billion dollar a year industry. According to America’s Research Group, about 16–18 percent of Americans will shop at a thrift store during a given year. Of course, you’ll want to attract some of those customers to your own store, and one way to make it stand out from other thrift stores in the area is to set up eye-catching thrift store or consignment shop displays that will also keep all your inventory organized.

shopPOPdisplays offers a variety of options that can be customized and personalized to fit any and all of your needs. And for more information on custom options, be sure to contact our team.

Retail Barriers

If your thrift store has items from various categories for sale (clothing, home goods, jewelry, etc.), retail barriers are a quick and easy way to separate each section in your thrift store. The floor standing PVC clear vinyl barrier has a sturdy frame but assembles and disassembles in a snap—not to mention it’s cost-effective! The lightweight and portable floor standing sneeze guard divider is another budget-friendly option, as well as the floor standing clear plastic sneeze guard shield.


Thrift stores carry an array of merchandise. Keeping products organized can be a challenge. Stack books, small décor items and accessories on this four shelf wooden open display crafted with real wood. This 4 tray tilt shelf display with dividers makes smaller items easier to find for customers. The three tier wood crate display with casters is deep enough to hold plenty of products and can be easily moved around the thrift store as needed. And the six wood crate display comes in three colors and can display six separate items. Looking for something other than wood? The round shelf wire rack comes equipped with sign holders. A thrift store display must-have!


Slatwalls are an amazing space saver for your consignment shop or thrift store. Available in three finishes (black, white, and maple), the double sided slatwall merchandiser has plenty of space for shelving and is on casters so it can be moved around a consignment shop with ease. If you’re looking for something more permanent, the small h-shaped slatwall merchandiser is both functional and space-saving, while the large model has ample room to show off multiple items.
Of course, don’t forget the shelves for your slatwall units. shopPOPdisplays offers a variety of sizes depending on your needs, including acrylic trays, slanted trays, bins, sign holders and more.


Baskets can hold a plethora of merchandise while still keeping your consignment inventory neat and organized. For a rustic look, we have two tier counter top display, three tier wood and basket display (on wheels!), oval basket displays with 3 tiers, three and four Tier Round Basket Stands. If wire options are more your style, there’s the black knockdown stacking baskets.

Garment Racks

Clothing is such a big draw for thrift store and consignment shop customers, so show off everything you have in stock with the spiral clothing display, 2-way garment rack and 4-way garment rack (all available in both black and chrome). And don’t forget the vertical size dividers! Garment racks are a mandatory thrift store display or consignment shop displays.

Wire Racks

Easily stack items with this five shelf rolling wire display, while the round shelf wire racks comes with sign holders! looking for some countertop racks? Temp your thrift store customers by placing the three tier countertop wire rack right near the registers.

Jewelry Organizers

Accessories will be easy to find with our selection of organizers. The acrylic rotating watch display can hold up to 48 watches and turns a full 360 degrees left or right, and the acrylic rotating earring display can showcase different pairs on the countertop. The acrylic ring display and the acrylic necklace display stands keep accessories organized.


Of course, your thrift store will need signage to direct customers to the right areas. Chalkboard signs are a thrift store display that’s easily changeable and give any space a rustic feel, while we have a variety of sign holders that either sit on countertops and display racks or can be wall mounted.

Portable Displays

Choosing a portable thrift store display makes set up effortless and allows you to move items around the thrift store with ease. The four tier spiral shelf display allows you to assemble shelves spiral towards the left or right, the 5 shelf round display features customizable shelves, and the 20" acrylic folding 4 shelf knockdown display offers you the option of using either side of the display or you can simply turn the unit around for a "enclosed" display. Portable consignment shop displays also rotate new arrivals and help showcase those that linger a little longer.

Banners & Flags

Advertise your thrift store or consignment shop with a customized banner or flag. There are plenty of design and color options, as well as indoors and outdoors, to choose from to make your business stand out.

How To Display Thrift Store and Consignment Shop Merchandise By Category

Check out these popular thrift store or consignment shop display options according to merchandise type.


  • The acrylic slatwall shoe displays are perfect for a large variety of shoes.
  • Our cutting edge shoe riser come in both short and tall options.
  • The Black Medium Z-Pedestal Shoe Riser is perfect for heels!



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