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If you are in the market for new furniture store displays, then you have come to the right place! At shopPOPdisplays we understand that presenting and selling furniture comes with a unique set of challenges due to the weight and size of many of the products. Home furnishings need to be visually merchandised and displayed in eye-catching clever yet relatable ways that allow customers to envision the merchandise in their living space, thus cinching the sale. Often, furniture store displays consist of popular home furnishing items like sofas, dining room tables, bedroom sets, lighting, fans, hutches, desks, and coffee tables. The extensive catalog of furniture items held in your store requires appropriate signage to help direct consumers to the appropriate section of your shop. While outside, custom banners or flags usher customers into your store with persuasive advertising! It’s a popular trick of the trade for furniture stores to hang a “Grand Opening” or “Holiday Sale” sign from the exterior storefront just above its entrance. Using sidewalk chalkboard signs with chalk markers for pop up sales is another great strategy to attract foot traffic.

Once inside, consumers will be instantly compelled to walk around your store’s attractive showrooms. Hanging poster frames filled with artwork on the walls of your staged sets adds charm and better sell merchandise. Since every item in the showrooms is for sale, use our hanging shelf talker sign holders to label all your unbeatable prices. As consumers meander through the furniture showroom they may have questions about the assembly, material, and other details of your products, which makes literature holder or pamphlet holder that hold brochures, warranties, and manuals must-have items.

For premium accessories that complement your furniture like luxury lamps, ceramics, wall clocks, vases, and decorative trays, consider calling attention to these items by placing them inside or above an acrylic display case. Strategically featuring higher-priced items will help gain attention from shoppers and highlight your store’s inventory and sales.

To make an impression on consumers near and far, focus on eye-catching window displays that make a first impression linger. From custom banners to acrylic display stands, a memorable display window will have customers coming back for more.

No matter what your furniture store display needs are, our stock and custom catalog of merchandisers and fixtures are sure to elevate the look of your home furnishings shop and entice customers to adorn their living space with your beautiful home furnishing products. Contact us with any questions. We’ll gladly assist you.
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Use Cases:

  • Living Room Displays / Bedroom Displays: Furniture stores are famous for their attractive showrooms filled with realistic detail to help customers visualize what the products could look like within their own living spaces. When setting up bedroom or living room furniture store displays, give your furniture set a personal touch with poster frames filled with beautiful artwork and photographs to perfectly accentuate the look and feel of the furniture, accessories and lighting in a particular setting.
  • Pricing Signage: Since there is a multitude of home furnishings within your furniture store or department, everything that is on display ultimately requires a price tag. Cost, product specifications, and brand information is pertinent for consumers to make a purchasing decision. Hence, having sign holders and shelf talker displays in place to display this valuable information is vital to sales conversion and the success of your store.
  • Warranty Information/Sales Desk: High-end couches, coffee tables, dining room sets, and other home furnishings often offer additional information on the brand, manufacturing specifications, and material of your furniture. Therefore, having publications, pamphlets, brochures, and flyers is important to have readily available. Having literature holders, magazine holders, and pamphlet holders stationed at the sales desk is an added benefit to your shop. This is a helpful way to offer warranty information about quality products and support consumer confidence about their new purchases.
  • Fabric/Material/Mattress Samples: When consumers are perusing your showroom, they may often see a piece of furniture they like but are interested in that piece in an alternative finish, color, material, or even another type of density if mattress shopping. For this reason, consider an adjustable acrylic compartment case to showcase all your varieties in sample form. This will better help your customers paint a visual of their coveted item in their preferred style and just may secure the sale.
  • Specials / Clearance: Sales, sales, sales! It is so important to advertise promotions, sales, and grand openings of new showrooms. Depending on the magnitude and budget of your big sales event you may require different signage to attract new customers and notify your regular customers of your special sales event. Banners and Flags are a great way to attract passerby traffic to come into your store. For smaller, limited-time sale events, having a variety of chalkboard signs to place outside your storefront would help increase foot traffic within your store, gain more exposure, and produce positive sales growth with new clientele.
At shopPOPdisplays we provide a wide selection of furniture store display needs in the competitive market. From signage needs, acrylic displays, to business card holders we have everything your furniture store needs to thrive. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help fulfill the requirements your furniture store display needs today!