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Transparent And Clear Acrylic Boxes

If you're looking for a functional, beautiful, and easy to use display piece that performs a multitude of different functions, our clear acrylic boxes are exactly what you need. Sometimes known as clear plastic boxes, these 5-Sided Boxes can serve as pedestals, risers, bins, cubby holes, and covers! Use them however you see fit with the assorted sizes below. And if you can't find the exact size of transparent plastic box you need, use our Custom Box Creator to get the exact dimensions you want.

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At shopPOPdisplays, we strive to carry the best and most in-depth assortment of 5-sided boxes found online. Our clear plastic boxes are made with the highest grade materials and are fabricated in house by our experienced team. We believe we have the most comprehensive stock selection of clear acrylic boxes – if you have a size in mind, we more than likely have it in stock. For the few instances you need a transparent plastic box with more specific dimensions, we can make it in-house, delivered right to you.

Clear plastic boxes have a number of uses making a simple object incredibly useful. The most obvious use for a clear acrylic box is to use it as a bin – much like you would with an everyday cardboard box. You wouldn’t want to line your display with unsightly cardboard, which is why our transparent plastic boxes serve well in retail environments, at home, or in the office.

Our clear acrylic 5-sided boxes also serve well as risers and pedestals, allowing you to elevate your valuables and goods to more noticeable heights. Stash away your displayables in a box like a cubby hole, or use it as a lightweight and cost effective alternative to glass covers. Our 5-Sided Clear Acrylic Boxes will satisfy virtually any display need you have, time to find out for yourself!