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Acrylic Display Risers

At shopPOPdisplays, we carry a gigantic line of acrylic risers that satisfy any number of display needs. What's a display riser, you ask? Acrylic display risers help to organize countertops with eye-catching displays – instead of leaving your items to be blocked or strewn about, plastic risers help to organize and drive focus to the items of your choosing. Acrylic display stands encompass a variety of forms, such as pedestals, u-shaped, tiered steps, columns, solid blocks, and more. Take your precious store goods to new heights and help move more merchandise – choose from any of our riser types below and find the one that works best for you. Need help choosing your next acrylic display stand? Feel free to contact us with questions, to place an order, or for help creating custom display risers or even just some friendly advice on you next purchase. Happy shopping!

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Subcategories in Acrylic Risers


  • Acrylic U-Shaped Display Risers - Known for their simplicity and stability, u-shaped risers are available in a variety of different sizes, depending on need. Use them as nesting displays or as separate pieces arranged however you see fit. Made from one solid piece of clear, black, or frosted acrylic, each piece is cut to precise measurement s and bent to form its classic U shape. From as small as 2 inches to well over a foot, we have the best selection of U-shaped risers you’ll find!

  • Acrylic Pedestal Risers - A defining piece for defining items in your shop, art display, school, college, or museum. Acrylic pedestal risers are available in large floor standing models or in smaller tabletop forms. Display fine art, busts, or some of your finer items in your shop that you want to draw attention. Smaller table top variants are great for displaying jewelry and other small knick-knacks. If you want your display to make a statement, choose a pedestal riser!

  • Acrylic Tiered Displays and Risers - A highly functional all-in-one display piece, acrylic tiered step risers are great for packing a lot of shelving space into one portable piece. With different colors to choose from and numerous size options, we’re confident we have the stair step riser you’re looking for to suit your display needs. Want something a little more travel friendly? We carry knock down stair risers as well that easily disassemble for increased portability.

  • Acrylic Columns and Risers - One of the easiest ways to enhance your jewelry displays are acrylic column risers. Made from solid rods of clear acrylic and cut to exact sizes, each piece is diamond polished for a beautiful glass-like finish. Enhance the look of your jewelry and other fineries with our beautiful acrylic column risers!

  • Acrylic Block and Cube Risers - Similar to our column risers, our acrylic block risers are fantastic display pieces machined from solid acrylic, as the name suggests. Diamond polished to a smooth and crystal clear, glass-like finish, each piece not only accentuates the object being displayed, but your entire display as a whole. With a variety of sizes available from perfect cubes to long rectangles, you’ll find the right block riser to display any fine object

  • Acrylic Cylinders and Risers - Risers that can be more than just risers! These hollow acrylic tubes are an amazing multi-purpose display piece that can perform three different functions. Use them as classic risers to elevate your items and drive focus, flip them upside-down to use as a clear bin display, or use them as a rounded display cover and lid! If you want value out of your display piece, cylinder risers are the way to go!

  • Acrylic Shoe Risers and Displays - Showcase your best sellers or your newest drive items with our quality acrylic shoe risers. Available in stylish z shapes and more, these shoe risers will add a kick to any shoe shop or section. With multiple colors to choose from, including the glass-like green edge, your store will have the ideal shoe displays, but without breaking the bank.

  • Acrylic Mirrored Risers and Displays - Have all the benefits of traditional U-shaped risers, but with beautiful mirrored surfaces! Acrylic mirrored risers provide all the functions and adaptability of our standard u-risers, but offer alternative viewing angles for your most prized items. Elegant, yet simple, mirrored risers will give any display set a boost.

  • Acrylic Corner Displays and Turn Risers - Simple solid pieces of folded acrylic, these great display pieces come in a wide range of sizes. Each fold serves as a pointed leg to form a delicate looking piece. Use them for your finer and delicate items. Simple, effective, these display pieces won’t detract from any of your merchandise.

  • Acrylic Three Legged Risers - Unique looking display pieces, these three legged risers are great for displaying rounded items or bowls when flipped upside-down. Available in tall or short versions of different sizes, each piece will give your display a cool look!

  • Acrylic Platform Display Risers - Whether a solid piece or something you can disassemble and travel with, our acrylic platform risers provide larger sized surface areas for fantastic group displays. Available with acrylic legs or metal standoffs, we have a variety of platform risers to cater to virtually any style.

What is an acrylic display riser?

An acrylic display riser is a merchandising tool to help showcase a product to buyers. It is used to organize countertops with eye-catching displays and drive focus to the item of your choosing.

What are the different types of display risers?

There are many types of display risers available, some of the most common are acrylic u-shaped display risers, acrylic pedestal risers, acrylic tiered risers, acrylic column risers, acrylic block risers, acrylic cylinders risers, and acrylic shoe risers. Shoppopdisplays has these risers in various sizes and finishes available in stock. We also carry specialty risers like acrylic mirrored risers, acrylic corner risers as well as acrylic three-legged risers.