Acrylic Cylinders

For multi-purpose display needs, acrylic display cylinder risers are the ideal tool for display multitasking. Use these acrylic cylinder risers in the traditional sense to elevate jewelry or other retail items, use them as circular bins to make loose items more manageable and even more attractive, or use them as display lids or covers. Available in a wide number of heights and diameters, these acrylic cylinder display stands are the answer you and your item showcase have been looking for! Be sure to contact us about custom sizes!

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Our acrylic display cylinder risers are the jack-of-all-trades display piece in the riser world, performing a variety of functions that make them a huge value buy in the retail world. This is achieved in how they are designed and made – each riser is a hollow acrylic cylinder tube that has one of the ends capped with a perfectly fitting round acrylic piece, leaving one end open. It’s this piece that serves as the top and surface area for your items when using it as a riser. Flip the riser over so the lid is on the bottom and you have a round bin to hold loose items – generally, you would want larger diameters for this function so hands can fit with ease. Finally, our acrylic cylinder risers also work well as a lid or cover for objects – much like our 5-sided boxes, but round!

How you use our acrylic cylinder display stands is up to you, but what can’t be argued is that you are receiving an unbeatable value that will serve you well for a long, long time!