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At shopPOPdisplays, we have an extensive selection of museum display cases, museum display stands and other museum exhibit supplies to help exhibitors create engaging showcases that accentuate paintings, antiques, sculptures, natural history and historical items, and other artifacts. From museum display stands, pedestals and cases to acrylic risers and signage holders, we stock and supply high quality museum supplies and fixtures that properly fit your art and artifacts. We also offer custom sizing and printing options to elevate the look of your museum display, as we did for Pacific Grove Museum when they needed to exhibit items that required special handling. Browse our selection of standard museum displays and museum supplies below. If you have something unique in mind for your museum exhibit and aren’t seeing it here, contact us for custom options. We’ll make happen.
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The Best Way to Showcase Objects Using Acrylic Museum Displays

Our craftspeople and engineers have extensive experience and knowledge designing museum displays and supplies. We take pride in collaborating with museum exhibitors to figure out the best way to showcase their artwork and create beautiful museum display pieces that suit the objects and the space beautifully, and that stand the test of time. Our goal is always to complement and protect the work without the museum display itself fighting for your audience's attention.

What type of museum display options are available?

There are several things to think about when considering the right museum display for a specific artwork, including dimensions, fragility and lighting. If you are showcasing a larger sculpture or piece of pottery you may want to use a museum display stand. Choose a floor plinth or wall-mounted pedestal from a wide selection of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. Display cases are available with or without a protective acrylic vitrine, which is available with or without lighting or mirrors.

The stands can be sized and angled to showcase a piece securely. When presenting smaller items, especially fragile ones or those of high value, then an acrylic display case that locks might be the perfect solution to keep your piece clean and protected. When displaying petite items such as jewelry, tchotchkes, natural history items, etc. (an endless list, really), an acrylic riser or display pedestal that focuses attention on one piece or a group of them may be an ideal choice.

Don’t forget informational or directional signage—there are a variety of signage stands to choose from; with most, the content can be switched effortlessly as the need arises. Be sure to also check out our guides on finding the perfect pedestal for your piece of art. Find out how to choose the right kind of pedestal in the right color to complement your artwork, or how to choose the right size.

What are the benefits of using acrylic for museum display cases instead of glass?

Acrylic is superior to glass for museum displays in many ways. It’s lightweight, optically clear, shatterproof, UV-resistant, insulating and cost-effective, among other attributes. Acrylic is also stronger than glass, providing additional protection for museum displays housing prized and priceless collections. You can learn more about the use of high quality acrylic for your museum display stands, cases, boxes, risers and other museum exhibit supplies here.

How do I clean acrylic museum displays effectively?

Acrylic (also known by the material brand names Plexiglass and Lucite) is a highly durable and shatter-resistant material that requires minimal maintenance. Everyday care consists of using a clean, soft cloth to wipe the museum display surface—one that’s dedicated solely to this purpose to avoid scratches. If a little more oomph is needed, chemical- and fragrance-free dish soap and water are preferred, because using common household and glass cleaners such as window cleaner, ammonia products and others comprising chemical compounds can damage acrylic objects. NEVER use a solvent to remove grease, grime, adhesive or sticky substances on the surface. For more information about our museum displays, stands and supplies, visit our Acrylic Care and Cleaning page.

Custom Display Pedestals and Acrylic Boxes

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