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Acrylic Blocks and Cubes

Custom Acrylic Block Risers

Exquisite fineries demand exquisite looking displays and our acrylic display block risers can help you achieve exactly that. The ideal method of displaying fine jewelry - such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more – each solid acrylic block riser we sell is manufactured to be absolutely clear and perfectly shaped. Available in a multitude of different sizes, we have the dimensions you’re looking for to make your merchandise shine and catch consumer attention. If we don’t, you can always contact us for a customized block, just for you! See how our acrylic block display stands will take your displays to the next level below!

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At shopPOPdisplays, we take pride in the number of solid acrylic display block risers we sell – we have a number of different sizes that are each suited to specific jewelries. Long blocks are great for necklaces that can be draped over the corners, giving customers more of a preview. Smaller blocks can be used to display earrings, rings, or bracelets. Ultimately, what each block does and what it displays is up to you – if you have an idea, chances are our acrylic block risers can make it happen.

Each block is cut from solid acrylic. Following the precision cut process, each block is then diamond polished to give it that smooth, glass-like finish. These acrylic blocks display stands are wonderful additions to any jewelry display case. When properly lit, each block will reflect the jewelry pieces and give off a brilliant light. Jewelry isn’t drab – don’t let your display be either! Enhance your shop with acrylic display block risers today!

What are acrylic blocks?

Solid acrylic blocks also called acrylic display blocks are commonly used as display risers in retail, museums, and art galleries. They provide an elegant presence, elevate products to provide better viewing angles, and create visual interest.

What are acrylic blocks used for?

Acrylic blocks are used by retailers that to display valuables like jewelry, watches, and artwork. Use acrylic blocks in various sizes and heights in your display to create visual interest.

Do you carry small & large acrylic blocks?

Shoppopdisplays carries a wide selection of acrylic blocks. We have 1" thick small acrylic blocks up to 4" thick large acrylic blocks.

What are acrylic colored blocks?

Acrylic is commonly clear but also comes in a rainbow of colors. Shoppopdisplays carries acrylic colored blocks in fluorescent pink and fluorescent green. We also have acrylic color blocks that combine a thin piece of color acrylic with a clear acrylic block to create a color accent that changes with viewing angles. These come in fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent blue, and fluorescent pink accent colors.