5 Tips for Eye-Catching Jewelry Displays at Craft Shows

If you’re a jewelry vendor at a craft show, how you set up your jewelry displays to showcase your products can impact your ability to win business. Here are five jewelry display tips to help nurture foot traffic and support sales at a craft show.

Tip #1: Use Color in Your Jewelry Displays

When it comes to color, you want to consider several things: the overall color elements of the booth itself, the color of your products and display piece colors.

Green block risers holding jewelry.

As far as the overall booth is concerned, you may opt for colors that resonate with your brand for your table cloth, larger stands and signage. If you don’t have an established brand, that’s okay. Think of painting or covering larger furniture or display pieces with colors that evoke emotion or pique curiosity. Red, yellow, green and blue all have a way of communicating emotions. Think about how colors communicate to your audience and to a craft show audience in general. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can also use the space outside your booth and set up a  teardrop flag sign to draw attention to your booth.


Next, let’s look at products. If you have, say, a lot of earth-toned pieces, you can use vibrant colors in display pieces to highlight them. The unique green block risers in this photo, for example, are a great backdrop for sparking attention and focusing in on neutral-colored items.

Assortment of beaded bracelets on a acrylic slatwall jewelry t-bar display.


If your jewelry pieces are colorful, you’ll want to contrast with neutral or clear backgrounds or display pieces to help them stand out. The colorful bracelets on this T-bar display grab your attention without the help of a display. Less is more with the clear acrylic T-bar here.



Black ramp jewelry display holding silver bracelets.

Simple black, white and gray display pieces can work for bright metal items. These silver or gold jewelry pieces contrast well against their black ramp or half-round jewelry displays.







Tip #2: Elevate Your Pieces With Jewelry Displays

Woman browsing jewelry in a window display.


Incorporate different elevations into your jewelry displays to keep booth visitors engaged with your many different products. Many exhibitors will simply lay items out on a table. This is a less expensive approach, but if you can get someone to focus their attention in multiple areas, you’ll have a more active display area that can spur important sales conversations.

Notice how in this photo, the bright blue is a real attention-getter, but the bust necklace displays are used at different elevations to help separate products. The same is done for bracelets and rings. You’ll find some set out on the base table and others on their own individual jewelry displays above and below other similar products, breaking up straight lines to keep the eyes moving.





Tip #3: Use a Variety of Display Pieces

Black velvet single watch display.

Use different types of display pieces to help your visitors differentiate between sections and specific items in your overall display area. For example, this velvet single watch display can help the best seller stand out among other watches. And a simple multi-watch display stand lets you display different colored watches clearly.


Jewelry display case with 12 sections.Tray organizers like the one pictured here are popular for items like earrings. You can also mix in some pieces with a little more bulk, like a tall locking watch display case. Put these larger pieces to the side, not in the center, of the booth. Even adding in a rotating display brings depth to the booth and allows a visitor to enjoy a hands-on experience.






Tip #4: Spread it Out

You may feel pressed to show your customers everything, but don’t do it at the expense of your booth looking overcrowded. Sometimes, a crowded space can overwhelm visitors and make it hard for individual items to get the attention they deserve. Some successful vendors use craft shows to highlight a new line or best sellers. A focused strategy like this with fewer products also potentially opens the door to conversations with more serious buyers who are looking for a specific type of jewelry you have on display. You might also keep a catalog close by to show them other products you carry but don’t have on hand at the booth.


Tip #5: Show Them the Process

Two hands building a jewelry piece with pliers.
If you make the jewelry yourself or sell a type of jewelry that involves a unique process, show visitors how it’s done by putting your craft on display! You can set up a space on a table near your products that’s visible to passersby so they can watch you in action. If you are a custom jewelry person, offer personalization services that customers can see you create right before their eyes. By involving others in your work, you’re giving visitors an experience. It’s memorable and great for brand building.




Final Thoughts

As you try different display approaches, it’s good to learn from other vendors at the craft show. Pay particular attention to those who appear to be seeing high traffic. Ask yourself if it’s just the popularity of the product that’s driving traffic or if there’s something eye-catching or appealing about their booth and displays that helps them. If you would like to learn more about setting up displays for your business, reach out to one of our design experts. We’re here to help!