‘Tis The Season For Festive and Classic Railroad Models: 3 Creative Ways to Display Your Collection

Polar Express and model railroading aficionados, rejoice! For hobbyists and railroad enthusiasts everywhere, the holiday season is the perfect time to break out your model railroad collection and begin exchanging photos of your favorite models with fellow collectors. According to an article from hv.parent.com, “Model trains are such a great hobby. They come in all sizes. All price ranges. And over the years, trains make a great present that you can keep adding to. There are many ways to creatively set them up, too. As a hobby, model railroading can help your kids learn to plan, organize, set goals, follow directions, make decisions, and develop solutions to increasingly complex problems. Model railroading also gives them the opportunity to excel at something unique and fun without the pressures of school. Kids can relax, explore, and build self-confidence.” Since this time of the year is the perfect way to introduce trains into the holiday season, inspire your friends and family alike and find the perfect way to elevate your model railroad collection display and get your loved ones involved! Below are a few clever ideas to get your awe-inspiring showcase on the right track.

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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Novel Writing Month In Your Bookstore

For major book retailers and small newsagents alike, November is the time to commemorate our favorite literary works and motivate young writers with inspiring exhibits of works from decades past.  From new coming of age works to classic tales, scribes and bookworms are looking to their favorite vendors to put together an arrangement of stories that honor the art of writing. But, with a catalog that runs the length of the Mississippi, it can often feel daunting to figure out what you want to present as a retailer and more importantly how to make those selections truly capture the attention of your consumer. There are a lot of ways to lure in your audience, it must be done creatively, sometimes using off-the-cuff display pieces, like space-saving tablet holders and often using a display piece with exact intent such as tabletop lecterns or podiums . Nonetheless, the books selected for display should be used to motivate consumers, because they are likely looking for inspiration as they work on their own works of art. According to Medium.com, “To complete a 50,000-word work-in-progress within 30 days, you should plan to write an average of 1,667 words per day.” That’s a lot of typing! It’s also been said that to write well, you need to read well, making aspiring authors browse book aisles with absolute vocation. As a retailer, your mission – and business is to help them find what they are looking for – even if they’re browsing and don’t have a definitive find in mind – by using some of these indispensable display pieces to truly guide them to what they need to succeed!

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November is U.S Aviation Month! Here’s 4 Unique Ways to Display Your Model Airplanes

For Aviation enthusiasts everywhere November is an exciting time of year —we celebrate U.S Aviation month far and wide. It’s hard to believe that it has been only a little over one hundred years since the Wright brothers made history with their momentous flight in Kittyhawk, NC. According to Educationworld.com, “On December 17, 1903, less than 10 people showed up to watch Orville and Wilbur Wright make history. In fact, most papers (only 3 carried the story in the USA) refused to print the press release of the Wright Brothers’ historic flight, believing it was not possible for a human to fly.” Man were they wrong!

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Favorite Fall Hat Displays

As the weather changes and the air becomes crisp and cool once again, it’s also the time of year where retailers and small shop owners alike put out the coveted wardrobe piece of the season — hats! Hats are a staple piece in cold weather wardrobes, but often are an afterthought to the common shopper, which is why it is so important to have clever, stand-out hat displays to get your target consumer to notice these beautiful items. Below we have highlighted some of our favorite fall hats and ways to have them stand out in your shop’s windows and showrooms.

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Daylight Savings is Coming: Time to Talk Timepieces

With daylight savings right around the corner on Sunday, November 7, there’s no better time to talk about timepieces. According to an article written by journalist Jacob Gallagher of the Wall Street Journal, “An old workplace adage says you shouldn’t wear a watch that’s fancier than your boss’s and your watch says more about your status and lifestyle than you think!” Timepieces have been a signature statement in wardrobe attire and social status for several decades past and watch retailers everywhere can vouch for how quickly our society has gone from pocket watches to smart watches, regardless of what era we are in, consumers will always have preferences for what timepiece best fits their lifestyle and wardrobe.


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Classical Music, Marketing, and Mental Health

The Legacy and Impact of Composers Today

Classical music or classic music, which has a more lasting impact? Two very different genres but perhaps today, the same answer – classical music, whether instrumental or operatic has all other genres beat, across generations and platforms. You see, when you ask a person about classic music, answers can vary with the number of people surveyed and discussed – or argued without an agreement in sight. Answers range from classic rock, bluegrass, country, reggae, hip-hop, etc. and the list goes on. However, classical music is in a category all its own having spanned centuries and has even seen a resurgence in the pandemic world. With music from Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin, Wilhelm Richard Wagner to diverse modern composers today, classical music has long been disproved as being only for aristocrats and people of a social status. In fact, the appreciation of the artists’ masterpieces has transcended time by cultivating new audiences for their work as it infiltrates new platforms. Take for instance the use of classical music in the entertainment industry – in this case, specifically movies.

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Showing Off Your Favorite Baseball Items in Time for The World Series

Baseball and Collectibles: A Healthy Pastime


Competition is inevitable when it comes to any sport, however perhaps the World Series is just what this country needs right now. You see, according to Larry Olmsted, author of Fans: How Watching Sports Makes Us Happier, Healthier and More Understanding (Algonquin Books, March 2, 2021) finds that being a fan of any sport boosts self-esteem, reduces depression and promotes a sense of belonging, noting that people are tribal in nature and that ultimately sports can heal communities. People may disagree, even argue but they part ways amicably and remain friends. So, amid the great political divide is the World Series. The Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves will take to the field and battle it out to crown the 2021 baseball champion and it couldn’t come at a better time. We all may benefit from it. Perhaps that’s why baseball – or any sports collectors are happier people year-round.

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Oktoberfest Celebrations, Customs, and Displayed Keepsakes

Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Bavaria, Germany every year from mid-September to the beginning of October. The festival runs for 16 to 18 days and is celebrated annually by more than 6 million people visiting Germany’s fairgrounds or d’Wiesn until recent years due to the pandemic. However, nothing can dampen the spirit of Germans and fun-loving revelers of every nationality. Hence, the explosion of formal and makeshift biergartens or beer gardens – an outdoor space where beer and food is served and shared at communal tables (today with limited number of patrons per table) like those in Bavaria at Oktoberfest. Congregating safely in smaller groups or local settings celebrating traditions with costumes, music, German food and of course beverages like beer is the destination. Continue reading Oktoberfest Celebrations, Customs, and Displayed Keepsakes

Craft Breweries: A Brewing Industry. How to Get Started and Easy Display Ideas.

Initially called micro-brewing in the 1990s, the craft beer brewing industry, as it known today has significantly grown since the popularity of homebrewing started trending in the 1970s. The art of brewing small-batch signature style suds has come a long way since its cottage industry days of the 1970s. It has since morphed into regional associations and national organizations.  An outlet for burgeoning brewers with their own flavor combinations and beer styles, small batch brewing is a bubbling industry. But what constitutes a small batch craft brewery? According to Craftbeer.com, a small craft brewery produces 6 million barrels of beer or less annually. For reference, one-barrel equals 31 U.S. gallons.


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7 Ways to Display Crystals in Your Home

Crystals have always been associated with the mystical or supernatural; some even believe they have healing powers. With all the wonder associated with them, when you are given a crystal or purchase pieces for yourself, you may think they need to be displayed in a special way.


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