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Jewelry Displays

Whether you are showcasing jewelry at a department store, boutique, or festival, having the right display is key to visibility and sales. ShopPOP Displays offers a variety of jewelry display cases and stands which are ideal for showcasing everything from watches and earrings to necklaces and rings.

Additionally, our jewelry displays and cases highlight your products while keeping them organized and safe. You can easily separate accessories by their color, brand, size, or type, helping shoppers find the perfect jewelry. Acrylic, velvet, and leather options will also add a sleek, elegant element of class to any shop and maximize counter space with t bars, multiple item displays, risers, and velvet busts and ramps. Best of all, we offer locking jewelry display cases that keep valuable pieces protected.

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How do you display jewelry in retail?

There are several factors to consider when displaying jewelry in a retail setting. Security is a priority when displaying expensive jewelry. Use locking display cases to deter theft while displaying diamond rings, gold necklaces, and other high-dollar items. Organizing small jewelry pieces such as earrings will maximize space and help customers browse your inventory. Using a watch display stand or watch display case allows customers to compare different watch styles and features.

What is the best way to display earrings and necklaces?

Using the proper display will highlight earrings and necklaces to potential customers. Use post earring displays for stud earrings, T-shaped earring displays for dangling and drop style earrings, and single pair earring display kits for hoop-style earrings. Combine these earring displays with a locking display case to secure valuable earrings.

Necklace busts are perfect for displaying necklaces. Keep necklace length in mind when choosing a necklace display. Use short necklace busts for chokers and collar necklaces and tall necklace busts for opera and lariat necklaces. Use a locking necklace display case to showcase expensive necklaces while deterring theft.

What are the benefits of using a jewelry display stand?

Jewelry display stands are essential to creating an organized and attractive retail environment for customers. Using jewelry display stands maximizes counter space and makes it easy for customers to browse products. Organizing jewelry with bracelet ramps, ring holders, and necklace displays is especially helpful for keeping accurate inventory.

Can ShopPOP jewelry displays be used at home?

Yes! Our jewelry displays are great for retail and home use. Keep your jewelry organized with our acrylic jewelry displays that are durable and stylish. Clear acrylic allows you to browse your jewelry collection quickly while blending into any decor.

What are jewelry displays?

Jewelry displays are specialized merchandising tools to help showcase necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more. Clear acrylic is a popular choice of material for jewelry displays due to its clarity and strength. Acrylic jewelry displays blend into the background and do not distract from the beauty of the jewelry.

How to display jewelry at craft shows?

Shoppopdisplays has a large selection of jewelry display stands for craft shows. Our acrylic jewelry display stands are lightweight and stackable, making them easy to transport. We also have locking display cases that can showcase your jewelry securely.

What are the best jewelry display stands for retail?

The best jewelry display stands for retail should be beautiful, durable, and maximize retail space. Our acrylic earring displays are perfect for organizing stud earrings and available in multiple sizes and colors.