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5 Sided Acrylic Boxes, Plexiglass Boxes & Lucite Display Boxes

The acrylic box, sometimes referred to as a plexiglass box or lucite display box, is a perfect cover, pedestal, riser, and bin. At shopPOPdisplays, our 5 sided acrylic boxes, and plexiglass boxes are fabricated from high-quality clear plastic and make a great presentation for your merchandise or memorabilia, whether at an office, library, waiting area or retail location. Select one of our in-stock boxes pictured below, or select a custom sized acrylic display box with our Choose Your Size option. Whether it’s a transparent plastic box or a box with vibrant color, we have what you need! If you can’t find that exact size you’re looking for, visit our custom page.

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Custom 5 Sided acrylic boxes

Maximize your advertising potential and boost retail sales with 5 sided acrylic display cubes from shopPOPdisplays. Designed to showcase and protect your products or materials, our plastic display boxes are made from acrylic, which is also known as Plexiglas and Lucite. Custom acrylic boxes are our specialty — we can create any size box from a variety of colored acrylic, including clear, white, black, yellow, blue, green and more! Whether you’re looking to put an object on display or feature a certain piece of merchandise to potential buyers, our acrylic display boxes are a great option. View all the different sizes and styles above, or get in touch with us to design a custom acrylic display box for your specific visual merchandising tradeshow, or other needs.

Contact us today if you'd like to special order a custom size or custom color box, or to discuss any questions you may have!

What are the benefits of plexiglass boxes compared to glass boxes?

There are a variety of benefits to plexiglass when compared to their glass box counterparts. Plexiglass boxes have much more impact strength than glass boxes. Glass boxes can shatter if they are struck, which makes acrylic a better choice for high traffic environments. Another key advantage that acrylic boxes have over glass boxes is that they can be molded into several shapes and sizes while maintaining their optical properties.

What are some use cases for plexiglass boxes and lucite display boxes?

Used in a variety of unique ways, plexiglass boxes, and lucite boxes can be used as bins, risers, covers for merchandise, sports memorabilia, and novelties, ballot boxes, and so much more. Due to acrylic's strength and transparency, plexiglass display boxes are great assets for visual merchandising, displaying artwork, or showcasing collectibles. Offered in just about any size you need, our plexiglass and lucite display boxes will cover just about anything!

Do plexiglass and lucite boxes scratch easily?

Plexiglass and lucite boxes are more susceptible to scratching than glass because they have a relatively soft surface. To effectively prevent scratching on your plexiglass and lucite boxes be sure to handle with care and clean them with non-abrasive clothes and specialty cleaning agents such as Novus cleaners.

How do you clean acrylic boxes?

Cleaning acrylic boxes should consist of wipe-cleaning with a soft rag or cloth while using a non-abrasive cleaner such as the Novus product line. For light stains or debris, you can also use canned air or clean water with a microfiber cloth. You should never use window cleaners, cleaning solvents with ammonia, or other chemical sprays as they can scratch or damage your acrylic products.