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Counter Top Display Cases

When floor space is at a premium, counter top display cases give you the opportunity to showcase products at eye level. ShopPOPdisplays has a large selection of counter top display cases to choose from, including a clear acrylic display cabinet perfect for giving customers an unobstructed view of your products from several angles. To direct attention to a specific view of the products or set them off visually from surrounding space, consider white or black acrylic display cabinets instead of clear. Our premium wooden mirrored styles are perfect for displaying prized collectibles and other high-value objects. We also carry a wide variety of acrylic cabinets and presentation units to organize all your treasures; versions with bases can showcase and protect special pieces in your collection.

  • Small and large counter top display cases are available in wood or clear, black and white acrylic
  • We manufacture and supply display cases that are sold wholesale nationwide direct from our factories
  • Our counter top display cases are made of acrylic, a plastic that is commonly called plexiglass or Perspex and is similar to Lucite
  • We are happy to manufacture custom counter top display cases to your specifications
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Designed for countertop use, our acrylic display cabinets and cases are durable, sturdy and stylish. The right size, style and configuration can blend seamlessly into any décor, brand or store theme. Acrylic display cabinets come in a variety of finishes and colors, from the popular clear, black and white to a rainbow of custom colors limited only by your imagination. Clear counter top display cabinets allow their contents to take center stage. Wood and metal cases compliment the items within. A small countertop display case can be used to showcase a few exquisite or irresistible items. All enhance the perceived value of the items presented by putting them just beyond reach in a small or large acrylic display cabinet.

Counter top display cases increase the usable square footage of your retail outlet without adding clutter. ShopPOPdisplays’ wide variety of styles to suit anything you choose to showcase, from store merchandise to personal collectibles, sports memorabilia and trophies. Clear acrylic counter top cabinets are also perfect for home use, giving you a clear view of the objects inside. Consider using them to organize art supplies, office supplies, Legos, home school materials—pretty much anything that will fit inside. We also offer versions that light up, rotate and lock, combining maximum visibility with security and increasing retail opportunity by allowing shoppers to view your merchandise up close.