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Counter Top Display Cases

shopPOPdisplays has a large selection of counter top display cases to choose from. Our premium wooden mirrored display cases are perfect for displaying prized collectibles and other high value objects. We also carry a wide variety of acrylic cabinets and displays to organize all your treasures. You can also use our acrylic display cases with bases to showcase and protect special pieces in your collection.

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Designed for countertop use, our cases are durable, sturdy, and stylish, in colors, finishes, and with options to blend seamlessly into any décor. Clear options allow their contents to shine without competing, while our more substantial wooden or metal cases are nearly as beautiful as the items they hold, lending their value to them items contained within. Enhance the perceived value of the items you display by taking them just beyond reach.


Because countertop cases do not take up additional floor space, retailers have the opportunity to maximize usable floor space by getting at least twice the value for the same square footage without clutter. Shop shoppopdisplays.com’s wide variety of countertop display cases for anything you choose to showcase, from fine and estate jewelry to collectibles, sports memorabilia, trophies, electronics, and any other merchandise. Compact and more robust display cases light up, rotate, and lock to present your items in their best light. Blend maximum visibility with security and increased retail opportunity by allowing shoppers to see your finest merchandise clearly through glass or acrylic panels, doors, and shelves.