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Sculpture Pedestals

Shop from our large collection of display pedestals for sculpture and art. Our wide selection of sculpture pedestals and bases allow you to pair your art with the perfect pedestal style such as opaque acrylic or wood veneer. Various colors, finishes, and styles are available for you to choose from. Each sculpture pedestal is lightweight, high quality and durable for easy transport, beauty and reliability.
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Subcategories in Sculpture Pedestal


Types of Sculpture Pedestals

  • Acrylic Display Pedestals and Plinths: Lend a luxurious presentation to a variety of sculptures, pottery, figurines, jewelry and so much more. They're an essential element in any retail, museum or gallery setting.

  • Laminate Pedestals: Laminate is excellent for showcasing artwork when you need the display stand to fade into the background. They can be custom-made in any color you desire.

  • Pedestal Display Case and Showcases: We have a selection of sculpture pedestal display cases and showcases in a choice of materials that includes wood, acrylic and laminate. They're indispensable whenever and wherever you need to protect your artwork and other exhibits from dust.

  • Wood Pedestals and Stands: When you need an elegant art presentation, our Wood pedestals for sculpture display in cherry, maple, walnut and oak finishes fit the bill. The wooden finish looks amazing in any retail, office, home, museum or gallery setting.

  • Lighted Pedestals: When you want to illuminate your art, choose from one of our lighted options in wood or laminate. They're available in a wide range of heights, widths, shapes and finishes. The lighting options range from top lit LED surfaces to fully lighted sculpture bases.

  • Round and Cylinder Pedestals: Our round and cylinder options are ideal for displaying any item or sculptural artwork in a variety of settings, from galleries to hotel lobbies to retail outlets and more.

  • Wall Pedestals: When you need to save space or want to add extra elegance and style to your displays, wall mount options provide the ideal solution. Choose from a selection of sizes, colors and styles that work on any vertical surface.

  • Portable and Collapsible Pedestals: If you're wondering how to elegantly display your artwork or merchandise at a pop-up gallery, store or tradeshow, consider purchasing a portable and collapsible option from our collection.

  • Cube Tables and Display Cubes: Improve your retail, gallery, museum, lobby or office with one or more cube pedestal display stands or tables. They are also perfect for displaying items inside your home.

  • Economy Stands: When you need a lighter-weight art or sculpture display, we provide you with a budget-friendly solution that's ideal for tradeshows and pop-up events.

Sculpture Pedestal Resource Guides

Sculpture Pedestal FAQs

  • What are the benefits of a sculpture pedestal? Sculpture pedestals are an important element in creating interest for an art display. Find out the benefits of showcasing srt with sculpture pedestals.

  • How do you size a pedestal? There are several factors to consider when determining the right dimensions to your display pedestal. Here is how to choose the best size pedestal.

  • How do you light a pedestal? There are many ways to light a pedestal. LED pedestals come in handy with built-in LED lights that can beautifully illuminating sculptures, artwork, collectibles, antiques, and more.

  • What type of pedestal do I need for my sculpture? There are many factors to consider when choosing a pedestal for your sculpture. Our laminate pedestal is a popular option because it comes in many sizes and colors. It can support up to 200lbs of evenly distributed weight. Add an acrylic display cover to protect the sculpture from dust and debris. When displaying a taller sculpture, use a cube pedestal table to keep the viewer's focus at eye level.